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Dream Analysis in Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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The exposure of the naked body , devoid of any reticence or libido represents , in the eyes of adult Teresa , the uniformization of the self . It is also a mark of endless anonymous sexual intercourse which is epitomized in the novel by Tomas ‘ illicit love affairs . In one of her recurrent dreams , which she recounts to Tomas , the fear of corporeal aneantization , which she suppresses while awake , surfaces with a vengeance

I was at a large indoor swimming pool . There were about twenty of us All women . We were naked and had to [banner_entry_middle]

march around the pool . There was a basket hanging from the ceiling and a man hanging in the basket . The man wore a broad-brimmed hat shading his face , but I could see it was you You kept giving us s . Shouting at us . We had to sing as we marched sing and do knee bends . If one of us did a bad knee band , you would shoot her and she would fall dead into the pool . Which made everybody laugh and sing even louder . You never took your eyes off us , and the minute we did something wrong , you would shoot . The pool was full of corpses floating just below the surface . And I knew I lacked the strength to do the next knee bend and you would shoot me (Kundera 1999 ,

. 18

Corporeal sameness signifies , as the narrator explains , the anonymity of sexuality and individuality which Teresa fears intensely . As in Freud ‘s interpretation , the fear of homogenisation translates the fear of death which Teresa clearly expresses in this dream in contrast to the other women whose laughter and song seem to celebrate the approaching absolute sameness in death . The particular instantiation of Tomas , wearing a hat is highly significant too . According to Jung , the hat… [banner_entry_footer]


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