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Drawing upon your understanding of the development of early cinema, its technology, industry and cultural context, explain what might be meant by the phrase `a culture of viewing`. Explain how this was something new for late 19th and early 20th century so

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As a result there were many experiments-in technology , in dramaturgy , in narrative , in set design – some of which proved to have no sequel . A number of distinct styles developed , notably in Hollywood , but also in Germany , France , the Soviet Union , India , Japan , and elsewhere . On the whole it was American – ‘ Hollywood ‘ – styles which provided at least a partial model for film-making throughout the world , but German models were also influential , even in America , while the Russian ‘montage style was more admired than imitated (Maltby and Higson 1999

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developed in America from about 1912 onwards and consolidated throughout the silent period has sometimes been called ‘classical Although it allowed for effects on a large scale , it was straightforward in the way effects were marshalled . It was above all a narrative style designed to let a story unfold in front of the audience , and it organized its other effects under the banner of narrative entertainment Underlying this style , however , were other deepseated characteristics including a more generalized ‘realistic-illusionist ‘ aesthetic developed in the industrial context which increasingly determined the practice of film-making and viewing in the age of the silent feature

Fairly rapidly , cinema exhibition was integrated into pre-existing venues of ‘popular culture ‘ and ‘refined culture , although the establishment of venues specifically for the exhibition of films did not come until 1905 in the United States and a little later elsewhere Distribution and exhibition are also heavily affected by the constitution of generic norms . Instead of considering each spectator as an individual , exhibitors conceptualize spectators in batches thanks to demonstrable audience fidelity to specific genres . Generic identification devicesgenre names , imagery , sound bites , plot motifs , or generically identified actors-serve an important publicity function , a sort of mating call to the committed genre viewer . As individual genres gain support and specificity… [banner_entry_footer]


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