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Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

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Dr . Jekyl and Mr . Hyde

Robert Stevenson ‘s book Dr . Jekyll and Mr . Hyde ‘ explores a very interesting , amazing and exciting theme of the process of evolution and its impact on the main hero and science in general . This book consists of 10 chapters and represents a gothic mystery story . It was published in 1886 by Longmans , Green and Co

The first chapter , The Story of the Door , begins with a story about a ‘violent man ‘ Mr . Hyde told by Richard Enfield to his friend , Gabriel John Utterson . Enfield confirms that one [banner_entry_middle]

night he saw a strange man with a young girl . In the second chapter , Search for Mr . Hyde Stevenson portrays that Utterson is astonished by the story because his best friend , Dr . Henry Jekyll , decides to leave his money and property to `unknown ‘ Mr . Hyde . Utterson starts investigation . The main problem is that nobody heard of or saw Hyde except Dr . Jekyll . The third chapter , Dr . Jekyll Was Quite at Ease , describes a talk between Utterson and Jekyll . Utterson mentiones that he knows something about Hyde and wants investigate his past . The flaw of Mr . Jekyll /Hyde lies in the fact that he cannot control his dual personality , but deceives himself saying “I can be rid of Mr . Hyde at any point (Chapter 3 . In the next chapter , The Carew Murder Case , Hyde kills a respected gentleman Sir Danvers Carew who proves the powerlessness of Dr . Jekyll to control Mr . Hyde . After a murder , the police find a tool of the murder and Hyde ‘s checkbook . Stevenson explains that the mischief of Mr Hyde is inability to stop committing crimes and ask for help in this situation . A child as the first victim of cruelty underlines immoral behavior of Mr . Jekyll /Hyde . In the fifth chapter , Jekyll tells his friends that he has no relations with Hyde because of his reputation and immoral behavior . Jekyll shows a letter from Hyde insisting that Mr Hyde wants to murder him . Utterson does not believe in his story : he investigates that the letter is written by Jekyll himself . In the next chapter , Mr . Jekyll /Hyde tries to persuade people around him that he is able to control evolution process of his own personality . He looks better and devotes himself to charity . In chapters 6 and 7 , Stevenson desribes that Lanyon dies leaving a letter for Utterson in his safe Although , Stevenson keeps readers in suspense over the context of the letter and its outcomes : the letter should remain sealed until Jekyll has died . Then , Jekyll ‘s butler Poole comes to Utterson and asks him to visit his master because something strange happened with Dr . Jekyll They break into the laboratory and find that Hyde poisoned himself . The ninth chapter is one of the most important , because it explains events and facts which have led to the death of Mr . Jekyll /Hyde . This chapter is a letter from Lanyon to Utterson where Lanyon brings a light on Mr Jekyll /Hyde personality . In… [banner_entry_footer]


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