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The concept of inclusion is very central to education in that it relates more to social values , individuals self esteem , equality and equal access to resources . Inclusion as a concept advocates of equal treatment of all learners regardless to learners ‘ disabilities

Inclusion calls for availing of all necessary learning facilities needed for educating the student . It calls for the teaching of students at their face with an aim of discovering the full potential of the student [banner_entry_middle]

Inclusion is cost effective in that learners are taught by same teacher in the same physical environment therefore reducing the extra costs associated with mainstream learning where special education students are taught by different teachers with different physical facilities

In a regular class with both special needs children and without special needs , learners are faced with same challenges especially when it comes providing an opportunity for the learners with disability to emotionally feel privileged to compete with children without disabilities . Inclusion concept is also advantageous to the students with special needs in that it advocates for the availing of all service needed for special needs child . Such children are able to receive the same attention from teachers and it therefore promotes a sense of equality amongst learners (Barker , Wang Walberg , 1995 . Although the inclusion concept has been accused of diverting attention from regular students and in the process wasting a lot of time and thus reducing teacher effectiveness , the success of the concept has so far proved critics wrong

The other challenge facing the concept of inclusion is that it allows for special needs children to learn alongside regular students unless and until it becomes impossible for the two groups to learn alongside each other , until tangible evidence exists to prove that students with disabilities exists , the concept may continue to be applied even where it is oblivious that it is not achieving its intended goals

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA ) does not clearly outline the context of the inclusion concept and therefore a lot of teachers and education policy makers are faced with numerous challenges in the implementation process making the inclusion concept still unpopular education approach in many states (Barker , Wang Walberg 1995

The fact that the inclusion concept calls for the restructuring of schools which hitherto the introduction of the concept were designed to meet the needs of one group , that is the handicapped children or regular students is another challenge . The implementation of the inclusion concept requires steps such as introduction of educational reforms changing the existing facilities to accommodate the new needs as well as the training of teachers to function well in the integrated programs Since change is hard to implement and to be accepted , it may take a lot of effort from educationists and policy makers to arrive at consensus in as far the inclusion concept is concerned . To be successful inclusion programs will need to involve teachers in the implementation of the inclusion concept… [banner_entry_footer]


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