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Managing Service Levels in Complex , Heterogeneous Environments (Student Name

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Managing Service Levels in Complex , Heterogeneous Environments (Solving the top 5 IT problems

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The best solution for this is to shift over to an enterprise wide solution i .e . a single vendor ‘s product should be used throughout the organization . This is a good point and companies have now realized the importance of it . What potential cost savings could be realized from such consolidation ? Thoughts , anyone

There are some discussions on the in-house [banner_entry_middle]

developed software in various discussion threads here . It seems like in-house development was discouraged . In your opinion what might have contributed to such bad name on in-house built software ? Do you think this situation can be improved

In the recent years with the involvement of information technology business processes have been changed completely . It is a lot different than the past or a few years ago . Now businesses are more competitive and business managers have to look for competition from local as well as global market . Managers have to look for better and affordable means to respond swiftly to markets demand mechanisms and at the same time keeping the business processes running smoothly at the back end . Today everything from adaptability to market situations to responding without breaking down come under consideration and failure to do so might spell doom for a firm

In present scenario , the management of service levels in complex heterogeneous environments is the problem that a business (firm ) faces each day . This is because most of the times different IT systems and software packages are used within firm /organization . The main reason for this is that when organization grows , their business needs also grows hence different IT components and modules are developed by different vendors are deployed in different departments according to need of the department and integrated for working . It was easier to maintain such types of methodology in past but in present scenario it is harder to maintain because of complex and heterogeneous environments

This problem can be overcome by using a single vendor ‘s product . With the use of single vendor ‘s product , management and integration related problems will greatly reduces and this will result in a better IT structure due to the sheer amount of functionality such systems provide There are various types of single vendor ‘s product or enterprise wide solutions exist today . Many Enterprise Resource Planning systems are available in the market . Companies such as Siemens (SAP , Oracle (Oracle Finance ) etc . not only offer a single solution but also customize the product exactly according to the customers needs . In addition , whenever the firm decides to expand , different modules of the running enterprise wide solution can be added on to the existing system with no issues regarding integration or breaks in the system due to installation of a new module . For example ERP (enterprise resource planning ) can be used for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software . ERP helps… [banner_entry_footer]


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