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Pesticides : Benefit or Threat

The subject of spraying pesticides is a controversial one because pesticides are generally used to stop a deadly threat to the environment . Unfortunately , in certain situations , the use of pesticides can yield further problems . In the case of the Sabah (North Borneo , the situation of using pesticides has been a mixed bag as evidenced in the following excerpt

In these conditions , pest-control is correspondingly more difficult Indeed while pesticides might be able to control a limited number of target species , to expect them to control the vast [banner_entry_middle]

numbers of potential pests harbored by a tropical ecosystem is simply asking too much . If a pesticide succeeds in reducing the population of a target species , it creates an empty niche , which is immediately filled by another form of life , one that may even be more harmful to the crops than was the former . Also since pesticides are increasingly non-specific , they must upset the particularly delicate system of checks and balances which previously prevented a population explosion in any one species – and in this way , create a pest outbreak (Goldsmith

There is no easy answer to the subject of using pesticides . However one must not take the stance that pesticides must be avoided because of a sense of environmental alarmist attitudes . To develop a proper perspective as to whether or not pesticides should or should not be used is a perspective that should not be arrived at lightly

Basically , the use of pesticides should be avoided whenever possible but if the need to use them is required , then they should be utilized in a very limited manner and only increased in increments that are safe Radically and flippant use of pesticides in an excessive manner must be avoided for it can lead to problems that may not be controlled . So , in a limited manner , pesticides can be a wise option


Goldsmith , Edward . Pesticides Create Pests ‘ Published in The Ecologist Vol . 10 No . 3

March 1980… [banner_entry_footer]


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