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The Buddha , Siddhartha Gautama was born as the son of a ruler of a petty kingdom in Lumbini , Nepal . As is common with wealthy individuals he lived in luxury and richness during his childhood , and enjoyed the benefits of royalty

At an early life , a sage predicted that he would eventually become a Buddha . Because of the fact that his father wanted him to be a warrior and a ruler instead of indulging in reflection and meditation , Buddha was pressed to marry at an early age to experience worldly pleasure

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experience of self-indulgence dull , he went on a trip out of the palace and later met in his way three persons an old man , a sick man and a dead body . With this experience , he began to realize that the life of man is full of suffering . Thus he renounced his wealth and inheritance , traveled and met with different teachers in to find enlightenment . Failing to find this , Buddha resolved to answer the questions regarding the spiritual practices of his time . He meditated one day under a tree and for sometime found the eternal truths

The spiritual practices of his time varied depending on the religions and beliefs prevalent at that time , so Buddha investigated these beliefs in to delineate the truth from the untrue . He shared his insights on the path to Nirvana and providing answers to the right spiritual practices . Buddha questioned the Hindu practices of hedonism , asceticism and extreme spiritualism , eventually altering some of the Hindu traditions

Because of these , Siddhartha Buddha was able to establish one of the greatest religions on Earth and altered man ‘s perception of the spiritual life … [banner_entry_footer]


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