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The Ethical Issues of Employment and Being Employed


John Powell ‘s saying that goes Human beings , like plants , grow in the soil of acceptance not in the atmosphere of rejection . True , this is a factual reasoning with regards to the progress of any individual especially wit regards to their jobs . Employees , whether regular or contractual ought to perform on their best possible capabilities once they feel that they are highly accepted in the organization which they are working for . On the other hand , once there comes to be any feeling [banner_entry_middle]

of rejection , employees tend to refrain from doing their best because of the fact that they are not able to see the worth of what they are doing . This is the real scenario in the working industries . Appreciated employees are the ones who are most inspired to perform well with their duties . However , those who do not receive compliments as often as the first group of workers mentioned in here obviously work in a lesser level of enthusiasm towards their jobs . This is the reason why in many ways , the appraisal of a person ‘s worth through his job is highly given attention when dealing with the human resources . The fact that the ability to make good decisions is directly connected to how an employee is able to reach the level of satisfaction he needs for his job , the article of Max H . Bazerman and Deepak Malhotra entitled When Not to Trust Your Gut ‘ shall be discussed in this . As a basis of the main reasons why at

most times , the self-reliant employee who is highly affected y the way he feels towards his job , Bazerman and Malhotra ‘s article shall be examined as t how well the said authors

pointed out the importance of not trusting one ‘s self too much when making any business decisions

This article has been chosen by the author of this to be a basis for the study being done due to the fact that it addresses most of the issues of making decisions in business organizations . The positive and the negative side of the usual practice of managers involved in the said activity is shown and explained well in an aim to educate the readers of a more effective way of decision making that should be applied not only by the management but by the employees as well . This way , job satisfaction could be realized well both by the management and the employees of a certain business organization

Personally , the author gained knowledge on how both managers and employees are supposed to face the challenges of decision making at work , which is a usual activity for people in the business industry Hence , the author of this naturally recommends readers to take an appreciation of this article and gain learning with regards to problem solving as well

The Art of Decision Making

Normally , decision making as well as problem solving activities in any business organization belongs to the higher management… [banner_entry_footer]


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