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“Don’t Fire Them, Fire Them Up”

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Don ‘t Fire Them , Fire Them Up

By Frank Pacetta

On this 288 page motivational book Frank Pacetta fires up excellent ideas on leadership principles as well as in customer service and teamwork . Kenneth Blanchard , author of “The One Minute Manager ” says “A must-read for everyone who realizes that people are the most important resource in every organization

This book will show you the potential of the human spirit if highly motivated and well directed . Some views the book as a sales and marketing guide because it is more inclined to [banner_entry_middle]

and because sales and marketing is the author ‘s first application of the principles that he espouses but his ideas in general are applicable to organization of all types

It is a simple read because Pacetta used a lot of anecdotes . Most readers find the book a refreshing experience just like talking to a friend telling their true stories face to face . His points can be briefly summarized into : work hard , start early , work as a team recognize employees who perform , and before you leave for the day , make one final effort

Pacetta ‘s leadership principle includes techniques on How to develop trust and create loyalty How to generate enthusiasm and excitement How to establish feedback and accountability How to rebuild an organization , and then lead and energize it How to put the organization on top and keep it there year after year

Early on the book , the author cites why most organizations fail . He said , There are three reasons : deficiency in skills , lack of desire or poor leadership . Many times , probably most of the time , it is poor leadership (Pacetta 1995

The book is applicable in either a military or a non- military situation because it is practical . In to achieve growth and success in all organizations be it military or non-military there must be continual improvement of processes , methods , tactics and leadership All techniques are applicable to general situations . In every group it is always essential to build trust and create loyalty . Trust is the basic building block in any relationship . Most managers just give lip service to trust failing to see that trust is not a passive activity . It is a very broad word and involves a lot of emotion . Once trust is built loyalty will slowly create itself

Happy people have more energy to achieve goals than those who are less happy . It is then imperative to keep enthusiasm and excitement burning in any group . Enthusiasm walks and talks . It will carry someone to distances not reached by inexperience or inability . It is one of the key ingredients to success because it is highly contagious

Feedback is an important element in effective communication . It is much so in an organization . Lack of sufficient and relevant feedback often results to dissatisfaction and frustrations . People wants to know where they are and where to go next in terms of expectations and goals – the management , their own , and the whole organization . Feedback goes back to the very… [banner_entry_footer]


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