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Domestic Terrorism

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Animal Liberation Front : Overview of a Domestic Terror Group

There are a number of active animal rights groups and movements such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA ) and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA ) that are active in advocating for animal rights and welfare . The Animal Liberation Front (ALF , however , is considered as among the most militant in the animal rights movement . Regardless of ALF ‘s advocacy for animal rights and welfare , it involves violence in bringing about the society ‘s compliance to its principles [banner_entry_middle]

and ideologies regarding animal rights . As such , the ALF has been considered by officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) as among the most serious terrorism threats in the United States

Origin and History of the Group

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF ) originated from Great Britain where animal rights sentiments already have a long history due to close ties between humans and animals . The initiative for the ALF started in the early 1970s with groups that were opposed to animal hunts and cruelty to animals (Lutz Lutz , 2004 ,

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Two activists , Ronald Lee and Clifford Goodman , decided in 1972 to resurrect a nineteenth-century antivivisection group , the Band of Mercy After a series of anti-hunting operations , the group changed its tactics to direct action and renamed the organization as the Animal Liberation Front . The British operation was successful , prompting American animal rights supporters to form a branch in the United States . The FBI reported that the American branch of the ALF began its operations in the late 1970s . The first indication of the ALF existence in the United States , however , was in December 1982 when the ALF was implicated in the rescue of cats from the Howard University Medical Science Building in Washington , D .C (Atkins 2002 ,

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Organizational Make-up and Structure

According to Atkins (2004 , the American Liberation Front has no organizational structure and exists only as a shadow umbrella for a small body of activists carrying out commando raids against institutions and agencies they deem dangerous to animals . The organization has two segments : a public organization for publicity , fund-raising , and propaganda wherein it uses its contact with the more influential but less militant People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA (Atkins , 2004 ,

. 137 and a covert wing of tightly organized cells of activists willing to carry out attacks on property and rescue animals It is suggested that the Animal Rights Movement (ARM , a militant group that generates greater fear upon those who violate animal rights , is in fact , the more violent wing of the ALF HYPERLINK “http /www .questia .com /PM .qst ?a o d 2 (Lutz Lutz , 2004 ,

br 138 . It also operates in alliance with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF (Arquilla Ronfeldt , 2001 ,

. 327 , another group which focuses on those involved in eco-trade and is also considered as among the country ‘s domestic terrorists . The organizational method and structure of the organization allowed… [banner_entry_footer]


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