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Do you think that sports help develop good character? Discuss.

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Sports and Character

There are a variety of activities that children of all ages can participate in throughout their lives , and at many different levels of learning , participation , and competitiveness . Among the favorite are sporting events . Many parents begin their children in sports at very young ages hoping that they will be good enough to compete at the high school , college , or even professional level . While it is important for many people to become good ‘ at sports , sports serve kids in more ways [banner_entry_middle]

br than just athletic talent and notoriety . Sports help to develop good character . Participation in sports can teach teamwork , help to instill discipline , and often increases self-esteem in children of all ages

Primarily , sports help to teach teamwork , which is a very important and versatile character trait . Participating in sports helps people to work well with others . This is a skill that will be very valuable in the workforce , as most people have careers where they need to interact and work with others as a team . Participating in team sports also helps individuals to be able to handle stressful situations and make split second decisions . This is also a very valuable character trait to have as an adult when faced with decisions on the job . Teamwork teaches both leadership roles and how to follow or take directions from others Whether a player is a captain or a second string player , learning to work with other individuals as team is a very valuable skill that helps to develop character

Secondly , participating in sports helps to instill discipline , an admirable trait in individuals . Life requires tough choices , and a person with discipline is often able to make those decisions and stick with them , no matter the hardships endured . This is a trait that is hard to develop , but individuals who participate in team sports are forced to find discipline in their lives to be able to continue to train and progress in the sport . People with self discipline often take care of their bodies and are less vulnerable to disease and illness , which makes them more valuable to an employer . Discipline is developed through team sports , and is carried over well into life

Finally , participating in sports increases self-esteem . Whether accomplishments are individual or team oriented , winning or achieving a goal or receiving notoriety for a job well done help a person to feel good about him /herself . Sporting events often draw large crowds of people who cheer for not only the team , but anyone who does a good job Individuals who play sports often feel like more people like them because they get that feedback during games . They also worry less about not having friends or things in common with other people because there is always a special moment to recollect and talk about

Overall , participating in sports is a healthy choice for many individuals that helps them to develop good character traits . Teamwork is an essential skill throughout life , and sports teaches… [banner_entry_footer]


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