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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Blade Runner

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He rose from the bed , stood up in his multi-colored pajamas and stretched

Now in her bed , his wife Irand , opened her gray unmerry eyes , blinked then groaned and shut her eyes again

You set your pen field too weak ‘ he said to her I ‘ll reset and you ‘ll be awake

Keep your hands off my settings I don ‘t want to be awake

He seated himself beside her and bent over if you set the surge up high enough you ‘ll be glad your awake . That ‘s the whole point [banner_entry_middle]

. At setting C , it overcomes the threshold barring consciousness . As it does for me . He patted her bare , pale shoulder

Get your crude cop hands away

I ‘m not a cop he felt irritable now although he hadn ‘t dialed for it

You ‘re worse . You ‘re a murderer hired by the cops

I ‘ve never killed a human being in my life

Just those poor Andes ‘ Irand said

I notice you ‘ve never had any hesitation as dispending the bounty money I bring home on whatever momentarily attracts your attention ‘ He rose , strode to the counsel of his mood organ . Instead of saving so we could buy a real sheep to replace the fake electric one , a mere electric animal (p . 2-3

You don ‘t have the slightest notion what make me happy . I don ‘t care about the sheep . Can ‘t you see that ‘ her voice thundered

She was surprised at her outburst . She hadn ‘t even set it to that level . Something was amiss . Before she could contemplate the issue further , her husband had stepped toward the counsel , making an adjustment . He wanted to be on her level and , at the moment , his mood wasn ‘t set for such irate emotions . He turned toward her , his satiny blue eyes – one of the few parts of him that truly looked human dilated

I work for us . For you . If I didn ‘t complete these assignment then we ‘d –

We ‘d what ? Find time to explore or study planet Earth further . You know I have a secret desire to go there . Even though we ‘ve been exiled

How in the hell are we going to get past the surveillance crews ? And even if we did , how would we get around without being noticed

Well , if you ‘ve got the power to follow the enforcers and kill innocent androids , why can ‘t you get access to some of the mood-altering mechanisms . We can get by the zoned field and atmosphere of asteroids if we have the right coordinates

Just what in God ‘s name are you up to ? Who have you been talking too

If you weren ‘t so busy going off on your killing sprees , maybe you ‘d have a little more time to understand

Understand ‘ he boomed , now rotating around his mood organ . Do project me with your dark sympathy . You know mixing emotions doesn ‘t work

Oh , it works for me . If you weren… [banner_entry_footer]


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