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Disscuss why a person should read or study poetry. Use one or more of the poems read thus far to provide specific support for your thesis sentence.

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There Is No Frigate like a Book by Emily Dickinson


Poetry , according to Coleridge , is the best words in their best ‘ Although this remark hardly satisfies the requirements of formal definition , it does assert an important fact : the of the words in a poem is as material as the words themselves . A good poet labors harder than any other kind of writer to say exactly what he means , because he wishes to expose his thoughts rather than hide them The poet ‘s passion for excuses is like the mathematician ‘s . But [banner_entry_middle]

unlike the mathematician , who thinks in abstractions , the poet not only thinks concretely but presents his thoughts concretely . This posits that it is essential that people study poetry because it gives insights about the spirit and soul of individuals , at the same time giving them an insight on what the person is like . This reflects and mirrors to readers insights about themselves too , thus , making them know and understand themselves more

Emily Dickinson who pens this poem There is no Frigate like a Book has selected , arranged and rearranged the words until she arrives at the one way in which she wants to say her thoughts . Indeed , Dickinson allows – and takes – greater freedom with language . Poetic license , the right of a poet to deviate from standard practices in to achieve a certain effect , allows her to ignore rules that prose customarily follow . This poem employs this poetic license as we shall see that some of the words have been put together in such a way that only the author is capable of making . The poet leaves his referents clearly implied . She takes liberties with her syntax and the of her words in the sentences and writes it so poignantly that encourages even the poor to go ahead and read books because it is does not costs much and is not so difficult to do

It is thus , important to read and study poems because it gives man lofty ideas about life and knowledge in general . In fact , Dickinson ‘s poem states it outright as she begins by saying that a book takes one to faraway lands . She could likewise have also said that poems can do the same thing too , and so much more

Dickinson ‘s words are well chosen and beautiful and from this poem , we immediately know that Dickinson ‘s passion is to read . This is very much needed during times like these when the youth of today are distracted by a lot of things like playing games in the computer . Poems will light the fire of creativity in them and writing and studying poems can even be a very good outlet for young people instead of indulging in other time wasters . Dickinson finds that there is no courser like those from the pages of a book and here she describes poetry as prancing and moving even dynamic at times

Learning to be there with herself and her poetry without… [banner_entry_footer]


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