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Of the racial imbalances facing modern African Americans today , the most difficult to overcome is the imbalance that African Americans face with regard to their education

As an old Asian saying goes , the hardest person to wake up is one who is already awake . Considering that African Americans and other minorities continue to receive an inferior standard of education notwithstanding the length of time that the African American community has struggled against ignorance and the central role played by education in the African-American Civil Rights Movement , one can say that there is [banner_entry_middle]

a lot of waking up to do

Nowhere is the plight of the dismal state of the education system more apparent than in America ‘s inner-city schools , where the drop-out rates for students , who are mostly African-Americans , are so absurd success is measured in the percentage of students who do graduate from high school According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor , the graduation rate at one Detroit school district was at 21 .7 percent . The same article predicted that one in three Americans will not graduate this year . This large dropout rate has a multiplier effect : the Harvard Civil Rights Project estimates that California , which graduates just slightly over half of its African-American students , loses billions of dollars each year in lost wages from the sheer amount of drop outs . Despite this knowledge , the African-American community has yet to organize a large coordinated , community effort to not only keep young African-Americans in school but to have them enter higher education

It will require a cultural shift on the part of African-Americans , to create a heightened awareness of the value that education has in an information-based society . Effort must be exerted to change existing stereotypes . Instead of belittling those who do well in academics , and praising those who excel at sports , one of the more simple things that African-Americans can do is to reverse the situation . This approach has already been proven to work . In Asian-American communities , where education is given much social value , migrant communities have been able to increase their standard of living and escape poverty at better rates than most African-Americans

Better basic education for the African-American community also has a domino effect that changes the economy , family life , housing , health care , and politics for the better . It increases the economic base as there is a wider selection of career opportunities available . Family life will be improved as work becomes more efficient . Housing problems will also be a thing of the past as African-Americans join the rest of the United States living in suburbia . Health care coverage can benefit more people as more and more people can afford paying for their own health care . Finally , because of the increase in purchasing power African-Americans can expect to have greater representation and influence on politics

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