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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are considered to be a model minority because in general , these groups are more likely to be intelligent and college educated and less likely to live in poverty and spend time in prison . Most Americans believe this misconception , and this fact is evident in everyday life . The media portrays Asians as studious , intelligent , and very docile . The idea of Asians as a model minority is a misconception because like every race , not all Asians are intelligent , nor do they all shy away from violence . They are just as [banner_entry_middle]

br likely to hit a glass ceiling at work , be paid less for the same qualifications , and be the target of discrimination (Randall , 2001 . The stereotype placed on them means that Asians with learning disabilities are less likely to get help , and Asians who find themselves being discriminated against may not get the help they need . If someone came to me with this misconception , I would explain to them that Asians have a need for protection just like any other race

It is another misconception that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders belong to one uniform culture . However , this stereotype is true of most races . People assume that all black people are Africans all Hispanics are Mexican , Cuban , or that they represent the culture they ‘re familiar with . Therefore , people assume that all individuals who appear to fall into the category of Asian all come from the same place I would explain the misconception by pointing out exactly where these groups originated from . Asian Americans typically come from Japan China , Vietnam , and those regions . Pacific Islanders , however , come from the islands in the Pacific Ocean : Hawaii , Polynesia , Micronesia , for example . I don ‘t believe that the distinction is important , as may websites I accessed for this information were sponsored by Asian American groups who were quick to group Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders together . While this might just be a way of promoting solidarity , it might be the underlying reason for the misconception that both groups are essentially the same

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