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Discuss some Hindu influences in America.

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The Influence of Hindu ‘s Profound Beliefs in a Casual Society


School Essay assignment addressing Hindu ‘s influence in America and how it is easily misunderstood by casual followers

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January 2007

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Everyday millions of people flock in groves to their yoga classes , yoga mat in tote , prepared to position themselves in the downward-facing dog ‘ position , eager to achieve peace . This practice has become a phenomenon here [banner_entry_middle]

in America , and is known to bring serenity and relaxation to the human mind . Society ‘s interest has shifted from traditional Christianity to obtaining the tranquility and harmony that Hinduism , or Santana Dharma , claims to provide (Nirmalani , 2000 . Its recognition in America can be traced to the early 19th century (Morales 2005 . and philosophers Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82 ) and Henry David Thoreau (1817-62 ) made their appreciation of Sanatana Dharma well known . After reading Bhagavad-Gita , one of Hindu ‘s most important scriptures , Thoreau felt that our own Shakespeare seemed youthfully green ‘ compared to literature offered by Hinduism (Morales , 2005 . As America shadows each other to the next fad , the practice of Hinduism will continue to gain in popularity . Unfortunately , its full understanding will not be attempted , leaving only the surface of this deep religion to be scratched

Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion practiced in the world , following Christianity and Islam (Wikipedia , 2007 . Ancient as it may be , its popularity is fairly new , only flourishing within the past 1300 years (Wikipedia , 2007 . Hinduism , or Sanatana Dharma , is premised on more than just practicing religion , it is also a way of life . For this reason , Hinduism is taken lightly by some Americans , or those not truly dedicated to understanding its full origin . Although this religion offers liberating insight to enlightenment in many areas , the formula is not effortless

There are 5 basic principles to Hinduism (Das , 2004 . First , Hinduism believes that one Supreme Being is to be revered , although not necessarily the God that Christians are familiar

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with . Second , believing that all persons are divine and that no person is worthless is considered to release negativity in one ‘s psyche . Third unity of existence through love , or loving everyone , lays the foundation to leading a more peaceful life . Fourth , religious harmony is essential in allowing a Hindu follower to accept this practice without reservation . Finally , knowledge of the sacred river (Ganga , the sacred script (Gita , and the sacred mantra (Gayatri ) allows for full understanding of the Hindu religion

Americans have taken the practice of Hinduism and conformed it ‘s foundation to a more casual state . Paths to reach inner-peace can be found through the practice of yoga . Different yoga spheres can assist one in finding their inner peace . From Jnana Yoga , for those who are interested in finding divinity through wisdom and religion , to Karma Yoga , for those who choose to seek God through unselfish work , no avenue is left untraveled… [banner_entry_footer]


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