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Discuss several features of new religous movements.

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Understanding the Different Religious Features Religion Has to Offer


School Essay assignment discussing various features of recent religious movements

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From the beginning of time religion has been the base in which challenges between man and his beliefs about life ‘s creation and future ‘s holdings are dependent on . Many have challenged Christianity with their own religious movements , some successful , and some utter failures . Of those who have [banner_entry_middle]

succeeded in gaining followers , they carry features that differ vastly from Christianity

Although many different religions ‘ have originated by people who feel they have the power conjure up believers , few have established a legitimate following . There are several , however , that have made names for themselves . A few of these new religious movements include Mormon Jehovah ‘s Witness , and Scientology . These religions were developed within the past 200 years and completely divert from the beliefs of traditional Christianity

The Mormons were established in 1830 by Mr . Joseph Smith . Smith claimed to have been visited by God , and shortly thereafter founded the Mormon Church (Roberts , 2006 . Mormonism features following more than one scripture for guidance to the proper path in life , which include The Holy Bible , KJV (but only after the over 600 corrections Smith made the Book of Mormon , Doctrines and Covenants , and The Pearl of the Great Path (Roberts , 2006

Jehovah ‘s Witnesses were in the midst of creation in 1870 when Charles Taze Russell started a small bible study focusing on the second coming of Christ (Davis , 2006 . Through writings , Russell continued to tweak ‘ this religion to what it is today . A feature of JW ‘s is their neutrality in politics . Voting , saluting the flag and joining or marrying into the military are prohibited (Cho , 1998 . Another feature of this strict religion is the belief that blood is a gift from God and mortals are to abstain from it (TSP , 1999 . A faithful JW will refuse blood

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transfusions regardless of the situation . Due to the nature of Jehovah ‘s Witnesses ‘ beliefs , they have received rejection from millions , often being cited as a cult

Scientology has gained in popularity since Tom Cruise began so heavily advocating this religion ‘s practice . The founder of this science , L Ron Hubbard , claimed to have discovered answers to all of life ‘s questions , and professed his knowledge of the true past and future of the world (Davis , 2006 . This religion features unattainable aims , such as life without crime or criminals , insanity , and war in for man to live a thriving life (Hubbard , 1974 . Scientology also features the Tone Scale , which assists Scientologists in communicating with others based on mood (Hubbard , 1974

The varying beliefs each religious practice carries wins followers although some not faithfully . With features diverging from worshipping the sun to animal sacrifice , each religion serves as a guide for living life a certain way . Religion is a delicate subject viewed differently by all… [banner_entry_footer]


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