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Discuss a person, event or experience that has significantly shaped your life and explain why. (Limit to 2 pages)

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After giving a fair deal of thought on whom or what would be one person or experience that has significantly shaped my life , I realized that it was not a difficult choice at all . As with every one , my life is full of events , people and experiences some more important than others and some having taught me more than others , as some people have challenged me to be a better person in ways that others have not . At every stage of my life I have had a role model , a guru , a mentor and [banner_entry_middle]

someone to guide me and others I religiously followed as I wanted to learn from their life experiences . I used the with or without principle that I normally use to make decisions to single out that one person with whom my life was changed significantly and without whose influence I would not have learnt the value of life . My high school history teacher stands out as one person that shaped my life , not just by preaching but leading me in the midst of challenging situations

In June 1982 , Ms XXX lost her husband at the age of 35 . She had three children , two of which were in college , and the last being 6 years old at that time . She had a mortgage to pay and , on top of that , life was difficult for young widows in India at that time , especially if they came from a traditional middle-class family . She did not falter in recognizing the challenges ahead of her from that juncture she knew if she did falter then the lives of three others would be at stake . She completed her Master ‘s in History and accepted a job as a high school teacher in a different city than she lived for the last twenty years of her marriage , living with her 6 year old child , her number one responsibility . She shuttled between the two cities every week to see the other two children at college

Ms XXX valued the impact of education and discipline on life as she herself had a Master ‘s of Arts in History and a Master ‘s in Telugu , a regional language in southern India . She always believed that education could take people to places where money alone could not . She preached the same to her pupils in class and took a great interest in the careers of each of her students . She also tutored and mentored the needy children for free during her private time , which meant a lot to the community . She emphasized the role of discipline and hard work

Today she is retired , spending time with her grandchildren and continuing her efforts in community service . Despite her challenges , her giving nature continues as she still helps the needy children in whatever way she can . All of her children are doing well , having married and settled into their lives . The last one is applying for an Executive MBA program at your university . Indeed , Ms XXX is my mother… [banner_entry_footer]


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