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Descriptive Essay – English

Erin . Schmucker

Little One

From top to bottom and including the aura around her , she is the cutest baby I have ever laid eyes upon . Little Esa has a round face topped with straight orange red hair that has some natural blonde highlights in it . It covers the top of her head and tends to lie to the right . She has a bald patch in the back of her head that is barely covered by a thin layer of shorter hair . Her [banner_entry_middle]

little ears are placed perfectly in the middle and on the sides , as they should be , but the left ear looks as if God took a little nibble out of the top of the lobe . It dents in unevenly from the right ear . Esa ‘s bright sky blue eyes reflect the light and shine from under her barely visible faint red eyebrows and long , thin , graceful eyelashes . Her pale white skin adds to the stunning effect of her eyes . Her cheeks are so chubby that they stop at her chin , which is so tiny and pointy that is surprises you that it is even there . Her thin pale red lips are triangular and compliment her tiny button nose . She reminds me of a Cabbage Patch Kid doll . She stands two feet tall and weighs right around twenty pounds . She looks gorgeous in the pale blue jumper that covers her white turtleneck onesie that she is wearing . Topped off with a matching blue flowered headband she is simply irresistible

The aura that this child has surrounding her is almost quite noticeable There is a certain glow . When she is resting , her face falls even more pale that it is when she is awake . She looks as if she is perfectly at rest with all the saints and souls in the universe . One would think she had ceased to exist if she were not noticeably breathing . Esa is more beautiful when she is awake , however , because her personality shines through in her actions . When she smiles as someone is paying attention to her , her eyes twinkle like little stars lit up brightly in the pale summer sky . Her smile pushes her chubby cheeks up to the middle of her face , giving her face the structure of a monkey . It is quite entertaining to see . She coos and giggles as she entertains , and her eyes become as large as they can possibly be , perfect round orbs above her button nose as she looks for approval to her pleasure

She reaches out with her chubby hands . Her fingers are not long , but thin and delicate , despite the puffy hand they grow from . Her little fingernail beds are pink and rosy and her tiny nails grow out just above the tips of her fingers . She grasps whatever is within reach and eagerly plunges it into her open mouth , massaging her gums , from where under little teeth are trying to erupt . She does not slobber , but… [banner_entry_footer]


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