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Different Family Relationship Between American and Chinese

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Different Family Relationship between American and Chinese

In any society – whether in the ancient times or the modern era – it is the family that is considered the building block , the basic unit . The family is expected to be the first and primary vehicle for social emotional , intellectual , and economic support of all its members . The family is further expected to inculcate society ‘s morals and values before releasing ‘ its young into the larger society

But while this is common in every society , it can also be expected that there would be significant [banner_entry_middle]

differences in the families due to the intricacies of each culture . These cultural differences can be seen in how the members of the families relate to one another

In the individualistic America , family interaction is confined in the nuclear and immediate family . On the other hand , family interaction in China is larger because its culture is community-centered . These cultural truths – that America values individuality and China is more communal – are the foundation where the differences between the two societies stem from . These differences could be seen in the composition of the household , the role of the father and the mother , and the involvement of the grandparents

American households are usually more nuclear than the Chinese . It is common to only see the father , the mother and the children living in a single household . It is also part of American custom that once the children reach 18 years of age , they are expected to leave their parents ‘ house and live on their own . Often , they move to locations that are hundreds of miles away from their parents ( The Aging , 19 . These new locations , most often than not , are chosen because they provide more opportunities for the individual advancement of the adult child

Chinese households , on the other hand , are bigger . It is traditional that several generations and immediate families live under one roof ( Chinese Culture : Role of the Family . It must be noted , however that modern Chinese households are moving towards being more nuclear Nevertheless , it is still common for the nuclear family to share their home with the grandparents . Furthermore , the Chinese are expected to return to their parents ‘ house on special occasions , bringing with them their own families to celebrate , for example , Chinese New Year ‘s Eve together ( Chinese Culture : Role of the Family

Designation of roles and responsibilities along gender lines is another difference of the two cultures . In Chinese families , the roles of men and women in the family are clearly defined . The fathers are responsible for generating income for the family , and the mothers are responsible for raising the children and running the household . Although some Chinese mothers have now joined the workforce , they are still expected to be primarily responsible in the upbringing of their offspring . The father , because he is seen as the head of the household , is dominant in decision-making . Fathers are also seen as strict disciplinary figures and the execution of severe punishments are left for them to settle ( Chinese… [banner_entry_footer]


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