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dieting versus exercising – which is a better weight-loss tool?

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Better weight-loss tool : Dieting Vs exercising

A major factor leading to obesity in developed countries is the ready availability of inexpensive and tasty food . In addition to it a sedentary lifestyle , including desk jobs and time spent watching TV using a computer , and other “activities ” that require little or no physical effort are some other reasons . People are showing more interest in eating foods in restaurants and fast food out lets than the home made foods . Excess body fat has been linked to such health problems as coronary heart disease , high blood [banner_entry_middle]

pressure , osteoporosis , diabetes arthritis and certain forms of cancer

There are different ways of loosing weight . One of them is by dieting and another is by exercising . But many people diet simply to reduce their weight to look better and slim . They think that the best way to achieve it is Eat less , weigh less . There ‘s nothing wrong with looking good and losing weight but they should realize how healthy and strong they are . To be successful , the weight loss should be gradual

The best way to shed body fat and reduce the weight is by dieting or temporarily changing eating habits . Sticking to a sensible eating program can also involve some discipline and sacrifice . A successful weight loss diet must include adequate amounts of all essential nutrients that the body needs to maintain health . The diet that is rich in fruits , vegetables , and whole grains and a few processed foods is the best diet for people who want to loose weight in long term . Plan your diet carefully , avoiding fast foods and any other high-fat , high-sugar foods , foods such as fish , tofu , and the leanest cuts of meats with major protein source are advised instead of burgers and pizzas . An adult woman who is moderately active needs about 2 ,000 calories per day to meet all her nutrient requirements and maintain a healthy weight . She must therefore choose her diet carefully which in the long-term should not have any health problems such as kidney problems , bone mineral loss and other unknown long-term risk factors (Eisenstein , et al , 2002

People soon become tired or give themselves a vacation from dieting and gain the lost weight back , plus some more . A person ‘s effective approach to stay slim depends on whether ones weight goal is short- or long-term If one strictly wants to become slim , they should be strong and determined towards the diet they eat . If your objective is to reduce body fat and keep your weight at a healthy , comfortable level , research has confirmed that regular exercise is the most important factor for long-term success .Exercising regularly will avoid depositing excess body fat . This is the most important component of your weight loss plan Exercise will enhance what you ‘re doing with your diet , but exercise alone will never take the place of changing your diet . Exercise can change the way you look , feel , and perform , as well as have a tremendously positive impact on your… [banner_entry_footer]


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