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Two out of five (39 ) conduct team interviews of applicants and 22 promote peer interviews

Another 82 of companies surveyed require resumes to be submitted , and half (52 ) screen their candidates over the phone . More than seven out of 10 (71 ) perform reference checks , 41 perform background checks and 36 require drug screening . About one out of three (29 ) companies conduct real-world overviews of the job , wherein hiring managers observe the applicant in a simulated call situation . Turnover drops to an average of 27 among companies employing this prescreening method

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above feedbacks would be great in considering the hiring of the new qualified applicants and putting them into a training to meet the real world they are facing everyday . Considering the high turn over makes me alert on what type of action plan should be made later on after the screening

Recruitment is described as the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a

sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short and long term interests (Randall , 1987 . Recruitment may be conducted internally through the promotion and transfer of existing

personnel (Richardson , n /d . However , before the recruitment process takes place the companies should identify and train recruiters ‘ to take charge the needs of the companies (U .S . Office of Personnel Management , n /d . Randy Wilson author of EzineArticles emphasized that recruiters are also at an advantage with a background in human resources , business management , and marketing ‘ The knowledge gained from previous studies is more importance in determining the qualified applicants than the skills because the skills can be gain trough experience

After training who will be the recruiters , they now analyze the future demands of the company… [banner_entry_footer]


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