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Developmental Toy Review 1

Running Head : Developmental Toy Review

Developmental Toy Review

Evaluation of Lamaze (R ) Stack n ‘ Nest Birds (c



Composition assignment evaluating a selected children ‘s toy ‘s functionality , features , and the expected educational effect it will have on children who play with it

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January 2007

Developmental Toy Review 2

The toy industry is one that has evolved from creating items made simply for fun , to educational wonders that are developed to exercise the ever-growing mind of a child [banner_entry_middle]

. These days , the age group ‘ suggestion listed on a toy ‘s packaging is not just used for safety measures Instead , toy developers have taken the industry a bit further , and have opted to develop toys tailored specifically for designated mind levels

As adults , we are able to look at a toy and figure out that to get the clown out of the box1 , you must crank the lever . For a child , however the solution is not so forthcoming . Depending on the child ‘s age , the mind comprehends a toy in extremely basic terms . Because of this , a child must depend on his or her unsuccessful attempts in figuring out how a toy works in to master the toy ‘s purpose

An important developmental stage in a child ‘s life occurs between infancy and toddler hood (Young , 2006 . During this time , what a child is exposed to may set the stage for how he or she will manage challenges in the future . Basic understanding of inside and outside , big and small over and under , in addition to many other physical elements , can be credited to the types of toys a parent selects for their little one to not merely play with , but learn with as well . For example , observing how a child handles not being able to fit a square shaped block into a square shaped cut out can indicate how the child will handle similar situations throughout life . Is the child patient , or frustrated ? Will he continue to attempt to solve the challenge this toy provides , or will he simply move on to another toy ? The answer will vary for all

To better understand how a toy influences a baby ‘s development , this composition will review an educational toy . The toy selected was developed by Lamaze (R . The Stack n ‘ Nest

1 . A traditional children ‘s toy is the Jack-In-The-Box , where continuously cranking ‘ a lever will , at some point , reveal a surprising clown , which pops out of the box in which it is enclosed Developmental Toy Review 3

Birds (c ) were designed considering the developmental needs of the 9-24month old child . Its function is to sharpen the child ‘s cognitive motor , visual and auditory skills through various features this toy provides . With the assistance of a nurturing adult , this toy has proven its function above and beyond expectations

Lamaze (R ) by Learning Curve (R

Lamaze (R ) is a subsidiary of Learning Curve , a company that strives in creating toys that encourage a child… [banner_entry_footer]


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