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Desire Under the Elms

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Greed in Desire Under the Elms

The backdrop for one of the main themes in this play is the land , which is one of the most important assets of any farmer . In the farm setting Eugene O ‘Neill is able to bring out , what seem so to be one of the most intense of human sentiments , greed . With the land holding all of the elements of the play together , O ‘Neill is able to show how the other elements , such as the farm , become the source of greed for the three main characters [banner_entry_middle]

in the play , Ephraim Cabot , Eben and Abbie . The other characters , namely Peter and Simon , also showed their greed under a different setting , the fields of gold in California

In to emphasize the greed that corrupts the characters and serves as one of the main themes in this play , O ‘Neill provides the that the land was very poor . A land so full of stones that it made it difficult for any person to earn a living the easy way and thus creating the motivation for the characters greed that manifests itself in the attitude of the characters later on in the play

The line An ‘ makin ‘ walls-stone atop o ‘ stone-makin ‘ walls till yer heart ‘s a stone ye heft up out o ‘ the way o ‘ growth onto a stone wall t wall in yer heart (O ‘Neill 1069 , reveals the discontent that Eben feels for the situation of the land and shows how it has changed the people around him . The stones play an integral part in the development of the theme of greed in this play as initially it was the presence of these stones that made the land worthless to other people

In removing the stones from the land , Ephraim Cabot is able to revitalize his farm and thus making it the object of greed for the characters in this play . While Eben felt that these stones and all the work that Ephraim put in clearing out is farm changed him and made him greedy , he still coveted the farm that his father had made and believed that it was rightfully his . This served as the main source of the conflict as Ephraim was also resolute in not letting go of the farm that he worked on for so long and would rather see the farm burn down than let anyone else own it . Abbie , on the other hand , also felt that the farm was rightfully hers and employed every means that she could to try and gain possession of it , using deceit and lies to further her interests

Peter and Simon are also not spared from the corruption of greed as they too coveted the farm , claiming that the farm would not be as attractive as it is if it were not for the blood and sweat they poured in during the restoration of the farm

These signs of greed , as portrayed by the characters in this play , all reveal the… [banner_entry_footer]


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