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Desire, Reading, and the past (Applied to richard rodriguez and the achievement of desire)

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p In the essay : The Achievement of Desire Richard Rodriguez tells the story of his educational career and the impediments that he encountered along the way . Rodriguez begins the essay by titling himself as a scholarship boy ‘ by saying that he was a student of meager resources within an undereducated family . Rodriguez tells of the shame in his own mind that went along with those circumstances and how it seemed to propel him to even greater heights as a way of distancing himself from his family . Rodriguez tells his story by depending upon [banner_entry_middle]

emotion , first person narrative and comparison and contrast between himself and his family

Rodriguez uses first person narrative to his advantage when telling about the expectations of a scholarship boy . Rodriguez says : he is enormously obedient to the dictates of the world in school , but emotionally still strongly wants to continue as part of the family circle ‘ Rodriquez , Richard . The Achievement of Desire . New York : Dial Press Trade . 2001

Rodriguez tells how a scholarship boy begins his educational journey with great respect and admiration for his family but that once the individual becomes educated and is made aware of the ignorance of his family , the individual will break away from his familial roots in to distance himself from his past as he sees it as an impediment to his personal growth . With the aid of first person narrative , Rodriguez is able to make this crucial contrast , which illustrates the emotional separation that took place between himself and his family , and the newfound respect that he had gained for his teachers

When I first read The Achievement of Desire , I was struck at how similar his story was to mine . It brought up a lot of pent up emotions and frustrations that I was able to suppress . There were some minute differences but the friction that was present in my family over my desire to go to college was present to almost the same degree that it was for Rodriguez and his family . Rodriguez argues that it is only the boy ‘s intense drive to learn , startling because of his familial background that serves to differentiate him from any other student . When I was in grade school , my parents were involved in my life and thus cared about how I did in school . But it was my obedience that they seemed to care about more than the marks I received in school . I was never a bad kid but on the few occasions that I did get in trouble , my father came down hard on me and my mother was an emotional wreck because of it . But when I came home with a D or an F in a class that I could have passed , my parents did not seem to care . As long as I passed to the next grade was consolation enough for them . So when my friends were worried the day we received our report cards and needed to get them signed by our parents… [banner_entry_footer]


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