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The Color of my Life

When we speak of green usually the first thing that pops out in our mind is nature , life and near to that . As a living witness , I can say that colors influence us and we lived with it . It affects our lives . It reflects our environment and it has a soothing effect . Designing in the business world is important to attract customers and get profit . Good design means getting good results , things you are expecting

Using Green with colors that will blend with it will have a good [banner_entry_middle]

br outcome . It is also a challenge to a designer . As a normal artist , we create designs out of inspirations but there will come a point that we make designs to be an inspiration to others to be an example to them We need to have the gift it is a thing that any school cannot give – the talent . School enhances the gift and became part of our history . It is where the environmentally friendly design takes place . We must know the comparison of things the ugly and not , to decide and give what other ‘s need

Working in the industrial enterprise means living with competition to designs everyday . We exist in a changing world and people are looking ahead to innovations with challenges . I saw transforms in designs also I heard from a person seen in the television that the nearest future was tomorrow . While we are busy for modernizations of equipments , objects and even designs , we forgot a thing that is important that these complicated things comes from basics . As human beings that exist in this earth , we should learn to know the fundamentals . We cannot finish something if we haven ‘t started anything and we cannot be good designers if we haven ‘t passed this course . I am taking this course like the color green this is life . The path that I had selected to walked on… [banner_entry_footer]


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