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Running header : THE GRAND CANYON

The Grand Canyon

As I look at the Grand Canyon I realize that pictures do not do it justice . The sheer enormity of the Canyon is breathtaking . I have seen many pictures of the Grand Canyon but they somehow fail to show how really big the canyon is . It seems to go on forever , into the horizon

The canyon is a beautiful mix of colors and shapes . There is the rust color of the sandstone and the varied stripes of orange , gold brown and beige all down [banner_entry_middle]

the canyon walls . It shows each period of time in a colorful band in the rocks

Each cliff and rock is individual in its form and some rock formation stand alone within the canyon walls , like giant creatures roaming the canyon . Some are tall and slender , others short and squat but all have stood there longer many generations of humans . It is humbling to realize that they will be here long after many more generations of humans have gone

There is green dotting the canyon as well in the form of trees and shrubs . They grow on the tops of the cliffs and even down the sides , in those places where they could gain a root hold

They are scattered in small clumps and I realize that there is life here among the rocks

A hawk flies above the canyon , his wings spread wide to catch the wind . He is beautiful and graceful . His wing span is huge and he soars back and forth above the canyon , a creature at one with nature

Tiny lizards can be seen running from one rock to another or sunbathing . They are flashes of green on the rust colored rock and move with deceptive speed . The ecosystem is in balance here and the canyons inhabitants seem to ignore the human intrusion as thy go about their daily lives

Far below in the canyon , the Colorado River cuts through the rock The river is gentle and flowing in some places , wild and raging in others . It is what is left of the waters that cut this canyon in the Earth and supports the life that exists

I can look out across the entire canyon and see how the Earth must have looked millions of years ago . The canyon stretches on and on cliffs rising and canyons separating the rocks as far as I can see

The air on the cliff is still and warm . I can hear the occasional bray of a donkey as they carry a tourist along the winding paths on the sides of the cliffs . They are tiny gray dots moving along the sides of the cliffs , like a colony of ants . They are amazingly sure footed and travel up and down all day so people can get a closer look inside the canyon

Along the walls of the canyon are large cracks and crevices and I wonder if there may be caves within the canyon walls . Cougars and other… [banner_entry_footer]


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