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Descriptive on view of ugliness

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder , but some things are just so ugly , they ‘re difficult to ignore . While one person may think someone is beautiful , another may find that someone plain , or ever ugly However , not many people disagree with something like the ugliness of a garbage dump or raw sewage . Some may , but not many . And , the ugliest thing I have ever seen would cause few people to argue with me – Jasper ‘s first apartment in college

He was one of the first friends I [banner_entry_middle]

knew with an apartment of his own , and one of the messiest people I knew . The moment I walked into the apartment , the musty smell was overwhelming . It resembled mold combined with rotten fruit and wet dog , even though Jasper only had a cat . I didn ‘t even want to know how or why it smelled that way , but I made sure not to breathe out of my mouth in fears of ingesting the molecules responsible for the foul odor . Unfortunately , the smell was only a fraction of the chaotic mess and ugliness of the place

It was a small one-bedroom apartment , and the living room had an old torn baby blue couch covered with various stains on it and dirty pillows . His coffee table was covered with dirty dishes and old pizza boxes . It also had a sticky substance covering it , almost like it was the covered in a fine adhesive . The walls were an ugly yellowish-orange color , and there were inexplicable black and brown marks all over them Jasper said it was from his bike , which he kept in the corner of the room . I noticed that the bike was covered in caked-on mud , and that a brown path ran from the front door to the bike

Jasper then showed me the kitchen , which was a disaster . His sink was filled with filthy dishes and the countertop was covered with stains and bits of food . One of the dishes was sideways in his sink and covered with a dark brownish-green solid material that made a fork stick to it It looked like it was glued to the dish , defying gravity where it should have fallen down . I also noticed more than one dead cockroach on the dirty fake-tile floor . As ugly as the kitchen was , it was nothing compared to his bedroom

Jasper let people write on his walls with magic markers , and every inch of the walls were filled with words , drawings , and doodles done by the various people he let spend the night or visit . Unfortunately , not many of the people drawing on the walls had talent , and it looked like a mess of colors and shapes with no purpose or design , though the few discernable images were obscene . The chaos on the walls , however , paled in comparison to the chaos on the floor

It looked like an explosion had gone off in his room . Dirty clothes s , magazines , and food littered the floor… [banner_entry_footer]


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