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Describe yourself and your future, personal, academic and career plans.

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PBA Scholarship Application

In this stage of my life , it is essential that I think about my future and my goals . In doing so , I also have the opportunity to reflect on my past , the road that has gotten me to where I am . As I look to pave my future , I see the path that I have followed has one that will help me to be successful in life . In reflection , I realize that I have been blessed with two loving parents , who [banner_entry_middle]

, despite divorce , have made my life and our family a priority . Both of my parents have lead successful lives through hard work , and I have learned through their example how to live life to the fullest and how to appreciate what I have in my life not just material things , but opportunities , people , and gifts of talent and intellect . Through participating in athletics (four years varsity volleyball and two years varsity basketball ) self-discipline and a healthy mind and body have become a priority in my life . By being healthy and active , along with hard work and determination , I can better handle the demands that I desire for my immediate future – attending a four year college program . There I hope to be successful and hold a grade point average at or above what I currently have earned : 3 .4 . I want to obtain a well rounded education and plan on working in law enforcement , like my father . This scholarship will help me to achieve this goal

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