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Describe why you are a viable candidate to be a United States Probation Officer in Washington, DC

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The society is made of different kind of peoples with different characters . The role of a probation officer is very important especially in the struggle to rid the community from social evils like crime . This role needs someone who is qualified and competent in to effectively carry out the duty specifications satisfactorily

I am confident that I have what it takes to be a United States of America probation officer in Washington DC . I have been brought up in Washington DC and I understand the crime rates , crime types [banner_entry_middle]

, and implications of crime . I also posses the academic qualifications and experience for this post . Having attained a Bachelors degree in Criminal justice makes me academically competent for this job . I have tackled courses on investigating organized crime , white collar fraud , official corruption , performing surveillance and undercover work , and conducting interviews testifying in hearings

I also studied execution of arrests , as well as conducting background investigations by the use of video and photograph equipment . I also specialized on interviewing candidates for drug treatment alternative programs . I also ventured in courses in psychology affiliated with the human personality and behavior , criminology and the human mind . My seven years of progressive investigative experience coupled with my experience in Washington drug and rehabilitation center for perpetrators of various crimes against the society are a testimony for my suitability for the post of a probation officer

I have always wanted to work in the criminal justice department because the human behavior and crime have always been of much interest to me What motivates human beings to commit crime is complex , and to understand the behavior one needs extensive experience and competence in dealing with crime . In my years of service I have had the privilege to deal with different perpetrators of different crimes . Dealing with the different perpetrators has helped me build self-confidence in tackling different cases , which I owe to hard work and determination in my work

I believe I have the passion and calling to facilitate behavior change of the offenders . The above requires a lot of patience something , which I have . Since the probation officer acts , as a link between the court the victim and the perpetrator the post requires good communication skills a quality I have as a result of working in similar posts in the past . I find this job very fulfilling and my satisfaction comes with achieving the goals and objectives set in the work arena

I enjoy dealing with the offenders in a face-to-face setting . This helps me to understand them better as I ensure that they follow the conditions set out by the court . Working with different offenders also places more responsibility in my workload hence making me work harder to meet the standards set by my superiors . I have a lot of enthusiasm for this work because I know I will not only be protecting the society against crime but also facilitating the rehabilitation of the offenders


My ultimate objective in my… [banner_entry_footer]


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