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Describe the courses of study and the unique characteristics of the University of Pennsylvania that most interest you. Why do these interests make you a good match for Penn? (Do not exceed one page.)

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I have learned much about the University of Pennsylvania especially how it continues to encourage students to partake in the intellectual stimulation and excitement of an international center of learning . Since my interest is in the area of Political Science as well as International Relations , Economics , Communication , and Psychology , I am sure that the University gives the best learning experience in these areas and boasts of faculty renowned the world over for expertise and devotion to teaching along these fields

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School is the best in the U .S , but the College of Arts and Sciences yields to . I have always dreamt of studying here because it is known for giving students great opportunities for new insights , possibilities and differing opinions . I know that in diverse situations like these , I will be able to learn of other people coming from different parts of the world . Part of that learning is to have faith in my ability to meet difficult challenges This is the reason why I wish to have my schooling here as I now prefer political science studies . I feel that I would fit very well into the Penn ‘s mixture of different backgrounds . I would like to study here because the courses are congruent with my overall career plans . Another reason is that I have a great desire to experience for myself the University ‘s objective of enhancing one ‘s quantitative reasoning and writing ability requirements as apt preparation for an in-depth study of my major concentration

Indeed , more than ever , the University of Pennsylvania ‘s model Benjamin Franklin ‘s words have never been so timely , as I put it into practice now His words remind students to commit to learning as a lifetime goal and this reverberates in my mind now . All the more am I enthusiastic to be a part of this prestigious school


University of Pennsylvania . Application for Undergraduate Admissions Accessed 30

Dec 2006 at : HYPERLINK “http /www .admissionsug .upenn .edu /forms /CompleteApp .pdf ” \t “_blank http /www .admissionsug .upenn .edu /forms /CompleteApp .pdf… [banner_entry_footer]


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