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Describe the characteristics and behaviors of someone you consider to be an ethical person. How could the types of decisions and actions this person engages in be encouraged in a workplace? And explain `Failure to plan is planning to fail.` this stateme

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Ethics in the Work Force

To a great degree , the singer Bono remains a highly ethical person mainly because he has spent a great deal of time in the public spotlight trying to raise awareness on the plight of those suffering in underdeveloped nations . While he could easily use his platform on the world stage to promote his music interests , he takes the ethical road and does not use his platform for the purposes of self promotion

The attitudes that Bono professes could easily be translated by a person in the workplace [banner_entry_middle]

if the person decides to perform their duties and tasks in a selfless manner with the goal being the perpetuation of the growth of the company as a whole . In other words , do not act selflessly or try to use other employees as a tool in to get ahead . Remain a person of good character and growth in the workforce will surely follow

In regards to the question what does failure to plan is planning to fail ‘ mean , the answer is found when one looks at the perspective of organization . In other words , if a person sets about looking to complete a task without any proper planning or preparation is a task that is doomed to fall apart in a disastrous manner


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