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Describe and critically analyse the role off the Learning mentors in relationship to that of a Life-coach.

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Learning Mentor

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Mentoring is a thought and a practice that has developed over time in diverse cultures as well as contexts . Natural mentoring takes place incidentally in various life settings through teaching , friendship coaching and counseling ‘Planned ‘ mentoring involves prepared programmes with clear objectives , where mentors and mentees are matched using formal processes . It is predictable consequently , that today there is significant confusion over its meaning

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Philip and Hendry (2000 ) examined natural mentoring relationships using a wide sample of young people as well as adults Five types of natural mentoring relationship were recognized Individual-team mentoring Classic mentoring Friend-to-friend mentoring Long-term relationship mentoring Peer-group mentoring (pp 216-17

Philip (2000 ) concludes that natural mentoring can occur within a broad range of relationships and that it takes on greater significance on occasion of crisis or as the relationships grows . Distinctiveness of natural mentoring was the common benefits , and the equality of power between mentors as well as mentees


Teachers find that they have given up some of their independence . There are lots of other people with an interest in young people ‘s learning in the school repeatedly . Teachers discover that they are no longer alone in discussions concerning teaching and learning . Peer tutors as well as mentors strengthen learning and support homework . Specialist mentors from business , particular employment sectors as well as the university augment the course . Higher education students lift the aspirations of students to attend university . These people reveal the national diversity of the local population and bring lots of more role models into the school . Adult volunteers take after-school clubs , which decreases the demands on teachers ‘ time (Cruddas , 2005

Community members

Senior citizens as well as people from minority racial communities feel welcome and appreciated by the school staff as well as students . They have a part in offering their experience to assist students in need of adult support . Bonds are built up between older people working in the school as well as between minorities . Intergenerational bonds are formed and informal groups of mentor friends build up . Mentoring serves as a uniting mechanism to comprise all types of people in the school community . In these ways the social capital of the local community is improved . Volunteers work in teams to direct external mentoring and make the teachers ‘ work easier


It is as well true that the actions of government and schools can challenge the move towards a mentoring society . Government funding cuts borne out of decline or a change of administration can eliminate the infrastructure required to sustain the ‘dedication . Support for volunteering in addition to the voluntary sector organizations that administer mentoring programmes needs to be sustained . The propensity of government to fund pilots or offer annual funding makes it complex to put up the kinds of sustained partnerships as well as programmes that are essential . Schools too can undermine the progress of a mentoring… [banner_entry_footer]


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