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Dental hygiene is referred as semi or para-profession and not seen as having all of the caracteristics of a full profession.How can this image be altered?

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: Dental hygiene is referred as semi or Para-profession and not seen as having all of the characteristics of a full profession . How can this image be altered

p : language The response should be written from Ontario perspective (if possible base the answer to the essay to the following questions : What changes are necessary for Dental Hygiene to be seen as a full profession

What can professional organizations do to enhance the image of the profession ? Are they doing anything now ? What can individual hygienists do to enhance the image of [banner_entry_middle]

the profession

What role does the CDHO play in this endeavor ? What are the challenges /barriers that must be overcome to achieve a full professional status

Traditionally , dental hygienists have been professionally trained , are given licenses , but usually cannot practice on their own . In the US dentists can appoint dental hygienists to work under their supervision This kind of a strict system is followed in 49 of the 50 states in the US , and state laws prohibit setting up of an independent practice by a dental hygienist . Many hygienists suggest that they be given a chance to be practice alone (Rothweiler , L . A , 1990 . A lot of issues need to be considered before a decision is made in this regard including social professionally , legal , statutory , ethical , etc

Professionalization is a state in which individuals belonging to an organized occupation claim to possess expert knowledge and skill and demand exclusive rights to conduct a certain type of work , to enable training , and to allocate and monitor work to others Professionalization usually ends up in professionalism (systematic ideas , scientifically-conducted work and occupational independence (Clovis , J , 1999

In Canada , dental hygienists have matured as professionals . This may be due to certain factors developed within the profession . However , the external environment has slightly changed by the development of new specifications in health and healthcare . Besides , professional rules have also been altered for their benefits . Professionals in the healthcare sector possess specialized knowledge and skill , and hence their position seems to be rigid . One of the main essences of professionalism is the competent problem-solving technique that each and every individual has in his /her own unique profession . Four characteristics of professions include specialization , rigidity scientific and standardization (Clovis , J , 2000

According to the attribute theory , all professions possess certain traits namely , utilizing scientific theory , appropriate social beliefs specialization , oriented to provide service , commitment , community approval , group culture and ethical code of practice (Clovis , J , 1999 It may be an art or a science that utilizes certain diagnostic methods or techniques to understand the problem and application of certain skills or technical knowledge to solve these problems . Dental hygienists do seem to possess all the characteristics and components a professional should possess . Professional implies application of abstract knowledge to real-life situations , and this linkage of application of knowledge is known as `jurisdiction (Abbot . In to achieve a professional status and compete with others , the hygienist should be able to apply his… [banner_entry_footer]


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