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Democrats vs. Republicans

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Democrats versus Republicans


Democrats versus Republicans

The United States of America ‘s two major political parties today came about due to evolution and not by statutory or constitutional creation Since political parties have established themselves in the political landscape in 1800 , every elected president since 1852 was either a Democrat or a Republican ( Political Parties in the United States 2007

The current Democratic Party , historically , is used to be called the Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792 to oppose a faction of the Founding Fathers who [banner_entry_middle]

favored a strong federal government and to fight for the Bill of Rights . It earned its name in the 1798 as ironically , the Democratic-Republican Party with Thomas Jefferson as its first Democratic President . In 1832 , the Party had its first National Convention and in 1844 simplified its name to the current Democratic Party ( Party History

The Democratic Party has come to represent the importance of individual liberty . This led to passing of laws about civil and reproductive rights . This further includes the creation of welfare programs to counter poverty , unemployment , and other social issues . It is no wonder that Democrats are often termed left-wing ‘ or liberal ‘ compared to the Republicans (Goodridge , What are the differences ) especially in 1932 during Franklin D . Roosevelt ‘s pro-working class and activist philosophy ( Democratic Party , 2007 . Some of the milestones blazed under the Democratic Party leadership are the promotion of women ‘s right to suffrage , the passage of labor and child welfare laws Social Security , creation of the Peace Corps , banning atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons , putting a man on the moon , the longest expansion period of the United States economy in peacetime history which benefits Americans ( Party History . Democrats have favored farmers , laborers , labor unions , and religious and ethnic minorities . It has opposed unregulated business and finance , and favored progressive income taxes ( Democratic Party , 2007

The Democratic National Committee (DNC ) is charged with the promotion of Democratic causes ( Party History

The younger of the two major political parties of the United States is the Republican Party known as the Grand Old Party (GOP . It was created in 1854 with one major issue at hand , the opposition of slavery in the newly founded Western states (Goodridge , What are the differences .If the Democratic Party has its libertarianism , the Republican Party is its socially conservative counterpart . Republicans , however , have economically libertarian leanings and is closely associated with the business industry particular , Wall Street and Main Street . It favors more the blue collar workers to labor unions . They generally look with disfavor minimum wage increases as they discourage the businessmen and foster unemployment . Republicans support lower taxes and practices limited government and at times government intervention in some areas They prefer open market policies and support limited regulation . They predominantly adhere to Reaganomics popularized by the late President Ronald Reagan . It theorizes that reduced income tax rates increase HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /GDP ” \o “GDP ” GDP growth and thereby generate more revenue for the government from… [banner_entry_footer]


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