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Defining Problems

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Critical Thinking

If to ask the same people to define creativity , they will most likely tell that it is something of which they themselves would not have thought . Critical thinking is the process of determining the accuracy authenticity and worth of data and information , arguments , knowledge and claims . It is a matter of fact that critical thinking are the vital components of decision-making process in each organization . Critical thinking helps workers to develop new approaches to attract new customers and to retain the power on the old ones . Critical thinking gives [banner_entry_middle]

employees an opportunity to develop new fresh solutions to problems . Critical thinking gives the possibility to enjoy analyzing data and information and then to develop opinions and conclusions Critical thinking is a generative and lateral force , because it allows to examine all ideas and arguments to separate the ideas from their vehicles to define false from true to separate accurate from distorted , incomplete from complete , etc

Speaking about common problems within organization , it is necessary to mention that hierarchy and status also affect working process , because the fact that a person is a boss certainly create barrier to open and sincere understanding among leaders and workers . Boss is responsible for determining rewards and penalties and thus he is often treated negatively . Therefore , the only way to improve the situation is collaboration approach meaning that boss has to motivate employees to share information and , furthermore , he has to introduce rewarding systems for skillful employees to show that he really respects their work . The next problem is cultural differences . Cultural differences are based on different background and usually they involve religion and values , roles and status , decision-making customs , etc . Understanding how to communicate cross-culturally will assist business developing in promoting creating smoothly working project teams and in responding to customers , clients , and markets . Those people who know how to use language and how to communicate cross-culturally have a crucial advantage over other businesses


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