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Define what a Forensic Anthropologist does, and how does Forensic Anthropology assist Law Enforcement Officers?

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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

January 2007

CSI : Forensic Anthropology

.and the body ‘s condition has made this victim unidentifiable . Back to you , Ron , the reporter tells the public , who learned that a car explosion in their town has just claimed the life of one person . When something like this happens , investigators can ‘t just dust their hands clean of the investigation . Instead , they work with experts in the field of Forensic Anthropology to get answers . Forensic Anthropologists are the problem solvers in a [banner_entry_middle]

world where problem solving seems bleak . To break it down , the word Forensic is defined as legal ‘ and Anthropology is defined as the study of humanity (Wikipedia ,

.1 The study of Anthropology is comprised of four subfields . These subfields include physical , cultural and linguistic anthropology , and archeology . Together these fields create the genius problem solvers we so often associate with television hits such as CSI and NCIS

Mistaken by many , however , the Forensic Anthropologist is not anything like those glamour-ized case breakers we ‘ve grown to love over the seasons . In fact , they do not run DNA tests , collect trace evidence analyze blood splatter or conduct autopsies (Bass ,

. 3 . The of such programs have comprised the jobs of many specialists into a few attractive people who are able to solve any given case in as little as one day . In the real world , however , the Forensic Anthropologist ‘s trade is much more specific

In terms of law enforcement , the Forensic Anthropologist attends crime scenes to collect human remains , prepare the bones so that they may be studied , analyze skeletal remains , in


conjunction with Forensic Odontologists (dentists , in to identify an otherwise unidentifiable person , confirm identities on identified victims and may testify in court to affirm their findings during an investigation (Bass ,

.3 . The Forensic Anthropologist also assists medical examiners in determining what types of trauma a victim might have experienced (Mann , p1

Becoming a Forensic Anthropologist is no small feat . In addition to obtaining Bachelor ‘s in Anthropology or a similar field , the Forensic Anthropologist must also hold a Master ‘s in Anthropology , and , in most cases , a PhD in Physical Anthropology (Bass ,

.1 . While attending school , the future Forensic Anthropologist must gain experience by volunteering hours with an established member of the field . After the schooling is complete , a Forensic Anthropologist won ‘t find steady work with law enforcement . Rather , the vast majority are employed as professors at universities around the country as a primary source of income , while assisting with investigations is normally performed on a part time basis , and mainly to continue a physical handle on the trade

Hand in hand , the Forensic Anthropologist and law enforcement aide each other in solving much of the country ‘s crimes . Definitely not for those who faint at the sight of blood , Forensic Anthropologists are involved in worthwhile work with an unusually rewarding outcome . With much to offer in the way of expertise , the… [banner_entry_footer]


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