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War : Human Interaction and Invisible Theory

War , in and of itself , is not aberrancy . The reason for this is because throughout the course of human history , there have been thousands and thousands of wars . Oftentimes , multiple wars are going on at the same time . So , one can make a credible argument that if anything was aberrant , it would be peace , because peace is actually rare

It would be inaccurate to state that the 20th century was a time period where more wars were waged than had been waged in previous centuries All [banner_entry_middle]

one needs to do is look at the Roman Empire ‘s imperialism , the era of Crusades , and even many Old Testament chapters in the bible and the truth will be revealed : nations wage wars and they wage wars often . The world was perpetually at war throughout most of its existence and it truly was not until the invention of the atomic bomb that the number of wars has been scaled down . The reason for that is obvious : the atomic bomb changed the risks of waging war and established only a handful of nations as having the power to dictate hegemony

If one were to define war on a baseline level , one would have to define it as a military action between two independent nations or as military actions within a single nation between two separate factions under the guise of a civil war

Wars can be further divided into categories of wars of aggression or just wars . A war of aggression is an unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation with the purpose f appropriating the wealth , territory or resources of the nation (Wars of aggression have also been referred to as imperialism or colonialism . An example of this type of war action would be the German invasion of neighboring countries in to start World War Two

A just war is a war wherein a nation defends itself against an aggressor , a threat , a perceived threat , or in defense of a nation that is unable to defend itself and is the victim of a war of aggression . The most common recent example of this would be the international coalition which drove Saddam Hussein ‘s armies out of Kuwait when he attempted to annex that nation in to seize their oil producing capabilities . A more fleshed out definition of a Just War ‘ can be viewed in the following excerpt

Historically , the just-war tradition – a set of mutually agreed rules of combat – commonly evolves between two similar enemies . When enemies differ greatly because of different religious beliefs , race , or language , war conventions have rarely been applied . It is only when the enemy is seen to be a people with whom one will do business in the following peace that tacit or explicit rules are formed for how wars should be fought and who they should involve . In part the motivation is seen to be mutually beneficial – it is preferable to remove any underhand tactics or weapons that may provoke… [banner_entry_footer]


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