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1 . Censorship is evil

A ) D – Is censorship evil

B ) A – Questions : Does censorship physically hurt anyone ? How is evil ‘ being defined ? Is there anything so inherently bad in censorship that would justify calling it evil

Answers : No , censorship does not cause physical harm to anyone or anything . Evil ‘ no matter how lightly is used , is a very powerful word , with very strongly negative connotations . No matter how much censorship might intrude into our rights and privacy and freedom of speech , it is still not so horrific as to [banner_entry_middle]

be called evil

C ) R – No , censorship is not evil

D ) E – Although I am not in favor of censorship except in extreme circumstances (i .e , hardcore porn should not be in any way accessible to young children , etc , there is nothing so inherently bad about it that it can actually be called evil ‘ Evil ‘ is a word reserved for the most truly horrifying crimes and criminals censorship cannot legitimately be called either one of these

2 . Capital punishment is a deterrent to crime

A ) D – Is capital punishment a deterrent to crime

B ) A – Questions : Is there any research that supports this claim ? Is the punishment so severe that it scares criminals into not committing terrible crimes ? Has violent crime gone down at all as a result of capital punishment

Answers : There is legitimate research available to support both sides of the argument , that it does and that it doesn ‘t . Though the punishment is severe , when a crime is being committed I don ‘t think the repercussions are being considered in the criminal ‘s mind – a murderer will still commit murder , because he believes he won ‘t get caught and so the punishment is negligible . Violent crimes rates are down somewhat but not so significantly or in a time frame that could be attributable to the existence of capital punishment

C ) R – No , capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime

D ) E – I am in favor of capital punishment , but I would not use the argument that it acts as a deterrent to crime . Criminals have always throughout history , had to face severe punishments for their crimes , and yet the crimes still are committed . Most criminals commit the crimes because they truly believe they won ‘t be caught this is part of the psychological makeup of a criminal mind . Violent crimes will always be committed , because violent criminals are compelled by a force much stronger than the threat of the law

3 ) Everyone has a value system of some kind

A ) D – Does everyone have a value system of some kind

B ) A – Questions : What is meant by value system (does it imply morality , and whose morality are we speaking of ? Do all people each individually have some way of bringing to their lives ? Do all people act in ways they justify

Answers : Value system ‘ means only that ‘s person ‘s specific value system , which could just as easily be moral as immoral . Yes , I do… [banner_entry_footer]


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