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Decisions making

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It is a matter of fact that ethics plays important role in decision-making process as it allows thinker an opportunity to make such a decision that won ‘t oppose anybody ‘s suggestions or preferences Ethics is defined as a standard of human behavior that offers how to act in many situations with friends , family members , employees , business people , professionals , etc . It is necessary to mention that to make really ethical decision means to use trained sensitivity to ethical issues . Moreover , making ethical decision involves , firstly explorations of ethical aspects of [banner_entry_middle]

a decision to be made up . It means that it is required to weight all proposed considerations being able to affect human ‘s choice . Therefore , ethical decision-making method is an essential part of a thinking process . If a person needs to make difficult ethical decision , he should rely on other team members meaning he has to discuss and dialogue with others . As it is noted only by careful exploration of the problem , aided by the insights and different perspectives of others , can we make good ethical choices in such situations (Velasquez et al . 2005

Speaking about techniques available for group decision-making , it is necessary to mention that lots of opportunities exist . For example command style is used when it is necessary to make up quick decision though not all employees disagree with the solution . The consultative style is when a leader consults other employees about decision and them simply makes decision himself . Such decision-making reflects the needs of the groups , though not all members may agree . Apparently , the best technique of group decision-making is consensus style . It means that leader seeks input and advice from a group , and works through the decision making process with the group , until every member of the group can live with ‘ the final decision that is made . The benefits of such approach are high degree of commitment and all members are involved in the decision-making process . Such technique ensures that all interests are addressed (Vroom Jago 1988


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