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Death Penalty

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Women had been characterized as the weaker sex . Female personality had been associated with kindness , softness and gentleness . In stereotyping women , society underestimated their abilities to commit a crime . But recently , the increasing trend of females involved in crimes makes society search for explanations . Different fields of studies such as sociology , psychology and criminology proposed various views in understanding the problem . What is causing the sudden increase of women in prison

Although , majority of the cases of women crime are non-violent and aggressive , these [banner_entry_middle]

female fatale ‘ can also commit an extreme crime as to earn the word Black Widow . The increasing rate in which women are becoming involved in crime is a fact that cannot be ignored . As Geringer (2005 ) cited , there is an estimated 2 .1 million female crimes committed in 1999 in the United States . This truth can cause an impact in society especially to an institution such as the family

Recently in the Feminist Daily News Wire dated Dec . 6 , 2006 , the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS ) gave a report that reveals the number of women in US prisons has risen 57 percent since 1995 . Comparing this figure to the number of male prisoners , it was revealed that make prisoners has increased 1 .9 percent , whereas the number of incarcerated women has gone up to 2 .6 percent , according to the report . It is in North Dakota where the highest number of female prisoners come from registering an 18 .2 percent increase since 1995 . New York City registered the biggest decrease . Additional reports demonstrate that in comparison to white women , the black women are twice as likely to be imprisoned while Hispanic women are more than three times as likely According to Marc Mauer , Executive Director of the Sentencing Project the facts do not show the incarceration ‘s impact on the thousands of children who suffer because their mothers are imprisoned for relatively small crimes . This is one of the reasons why there is an increase in the number of women prisoners today (Study Highlights Increase of Women in Prison

Female Crimes as a Social Problem

Based on the article of Geringer , as early as 18th century there had been records of female crimes . Several of these cases last for years before they were found out by the police . The reason behind this is that , the authority underestimated the involvement of women . Recorded cases during this time were those of infamous cases such as the categories of Black Widow . This term was first coined for women who killed their husbands for monetary gains . But later on this term was expanded to accommodate conclusions of some studies on the concept of Black Widow . As cited by Geringer , in a study done by Evripidou , the pros of victims of black widows were not just their husbands , some of them were strangers . Although , there been an increase in female involvement in crimes , the severity of the offenses as that of black widow ‘ had declined

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