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Death of a Salesman: willy Loman is a victim of societal influences

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Death of a Salesman : Willy Loman is a Victim of Societal Influences

The play The Death of a Salesman ‘ by Arthur Miller was written in 1949 . This outstanding play is devoted to an average person , Willy Loman , influenced by social values and ideals which lead him to tragic outcomes . Because society is not merely a setting , but an integral part of the novel , the social forms are of particular significance . According to the characters ‘ awareness of them , readers are given details of everyday rituals and dreams of the main character . Thesis Willy Loman [banner_entry_middle]

is a victim of societal influences and established norms which he cannot achieve

Willy Loman is a victim of societal influences unable to find his place in the society . In the novel , Miller brings up questions concerning class conflict and accumulation of wealth , power and money , economic relations and exploitation . The wave of new industrial relations forms a new economic relations and world perception . The novel is unique because the author depicts events , experience , time , memories through different frames which are connected with each other . Miller creates in Willy a typical member of the middle class with middle-class ambitions , while at the same time he is a psychological study : self-deluding , a man unable to come to terms with reality . Willy exclaims : They don ‘t need me in New York . I ‘m the New England man . I ‘m vital in New England ‘ His wife Linda , replies : But you ‘re sixty years old . They can ‘t expect you to keep traveling every week (Miller 1999 , 22 . Sympathy plays a significant part in the action : the audience must feel that the man has suffered beyond what could be expected , and has paid beyond measure for whatever mistake he made , a result of a ‘flaw

Willy fits very closely in with ideas of the American dream : he is a man trapped by a conventional notion of what is ‘right : the successful man the man of personality , is defined by his wealth and must , by some process in the ‘great country , be popular and known . Yet the city rejects this idea , for it is an image of the older form of America before the city took over . Willy is a product of certain social and economic pressures outside himself , which he misjudges , and by which he is destroyed . He cannot fit into the definition of ‘successful ‘ that society has imposed , so in those terms he is a failure . He does not have an ability to battle against these pressures , and is finally destroyed by his commitment to them . Following H . Bloom (1991 : American democracy . approves the myth of his infinite success and happiness And yet the law and social conventions constrain and frustrate him in what he has come to believe as the birth-right of a member of the greatest open society (66

Willy is a victim of societal influences which impose certain standards and rules for `successful ‘ businessmen . On the other hand , Willy is a man who is portrayed as someone… [banner_entry_footer]


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