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Customer Centrality


It is of knowledge in marketing literature that the producer or the marketer should have focus on what the customer needs and wants in to achieve success in business . A customer greatly affects a company ‘s strategy . Customers have undeniable affects to how each producer in the market works and strategize . This concept is referred to as marketing concept . The marketing concept is widely used in marketing literature and serves as a guiding principle used in the business sector . The idea in using this concept is prioritizing customer [banner_entry_middle]

perspective in any ventures of a business . Any theory regarding the marketing strategies models used in the strategies and development of conceptual frameworks should be based upon on customer perspectives . This will result to an effective marketing plan and strategy that will yield beneficial results for the company once it holds great understanding and knowledge on how customer thinks and reacts to situations enforcing their purchasing powers or capabilities . Once a company had placed customer ‘s perspective , integrated their knowledge regarding their customer with their models , theories and conceptual framework in devising an effective marketing strategy , it will guarantee a successful business venture


A company ‘s objective in either producing or marketing goods and services is to get as much profits through establishing a strong relationship with its customers . The consumers play a great role in every decision-making processes of the company . The consumer , being the target individuals of the company to advertise or promote their product is greatly given importance to . The research is regarding customer centrality of a United Kingdom-based company Tesco . To effectively target a particular network of consumers , the company had established a loyalty program called Tesco Cardholders to improve their relationships with their consumers

Tesco is considered as the largest supermarket chain in UK . The essay will focus on how the company has established a network of customer with its e-tailer program which started in 1995 . The program of the company has generated loyal customers over the introduction of the program as several benefits from holding the company ‘s card rewards individuals with different offers the supermarket had planned for them . This resulted to a loyal customer network . The effective marketing strategy of the company is accredited to strong economics and marketing concepts that greatly helped the company devised a plan to reach their customers with their interests as the company ‘s priority


Relationship marketing is a new paradigm in the marketing concept brought about by the changes in marketing and by the importance given to customers . It was introduced in 1960 ‘s and later emerged in 1980 ‘s as a way to build long-term relationships rather than just the short-term day to day transactions given to the customers . ADDIN EN .CITE 2006121 212relatio nship marketing2006october 242006wikipedia .orghttp /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Relationshi p_marketingen .wikipedi a .orghttp /en .wikipedi a .orgenglish “relationship marketing , 2006 ) The focus in the business sector is not just to attract customers , but also building strong relationship… [banner_entry_footer]


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