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Current Media Effects Theories

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This is a short discourse on the research of the Media Effects Theories , showing how the new theories or current information that is available currently support old theories such as the cultivation theory spiral of silence theory , and uses-and-gratifications theories among others . This will begin with a brief discussion on Media Effects Theory and proceed to highlight the current developments in this scholarly field and finally show how these theories support different effects models


The developments in media have accelerated at an enormous rate given the [banner_entry_middle]

br recent advances in technology . New forms of media such as DVD and the internet have changed the way media is delivered to the audience and also the way it is perceived thus raising the question of whether or not the conventional theories on Media Effect are still viable for the current scenario . To properly understand this , it is important to first delve into the nature of Media Effects Theories

Media Effects Theory

Media Effects theory can be generally defined as the theory that postulates that any level of exposure to representations or depictions of violence in any of various media cause or have the potential to cause increased aggression or violence in the behavior of the audience (Bryant 15 . Media Effects Theories are developed to provide a better understanding and to gain a deeper insight into the effects that media has had with respect to society and also the role that media plays in influencing social and political change (MacQuail 37

The recent developments in media however have raised new concerns regarding the perspectives and a proliferation of approaches concerning the Media Effects Theory including its research methodology communications education , and public policy issues (Berger 4 . Given these criticisms of the theories on media effects , it becomes relevant to examine the existing theories and to examine how an application of the current theories and research may help in addressing this concern

Existing Media Effects Theories

This section will briefly discuss a few of the more predominant and influential Media Effects Theories today . The first discussion will be on the Hypodermic Needle Model , which is a theory that the influence of media is so powerful that it can be used to inject ‘ messages into the minds of the audience and control them (Baran 485 . This model was developed by the Marxist Frankfurt School of intellectuals in the 1930s The current application of this theory today is criticized by many because the Hypodermic Needle Model was mainly a result of the fear and concern that was generated during the practice of political propaganda and psychological warfare during World War I (Baran 485

The second Media Effect Theory that will be discussed is the Empiricist Tradition which as the term suggests employs an application of the methodologies and principles of the natural sciences to attempt to measure the direct effects on audiences that may be attributed to media exposure (Mass Media Effects : A Study 4 . Paul Lazarsfeld , an important researcher who contributed much… [banner_entry_footer]


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