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Themes of Cultural Study

The Tattoo

The tattoo is a symbol of high design because it embodies high design The amount of attention to detail and focus necessary to create some of these illustrations is arduous and can take its toll on many of the designers . Plus the extent of creativity needed to develop many of the designs makes tattoo artistry more credible as an aesthetic craft Tattoo artists spend lifetimes perfecting their craft and actually develop affluent livelihoods through doing so . People get tattoos for cosmetic purposes to cover up [banner_entry_middle]

scars and birthmarks to enhance their self confidence . People get them to mark points of transition in their lives , or to commemorate loss . On top of this fact , tattoos can also be considered as a post modern use of history because they ‘re a cross cultural tradition with an origin as far back as the beginning of mankind . Icons such as David Beckham , Angelina Jolie , and Brad Pitt have used tattoos to accentuate there already praised and marketable exteriors , as well as make them seem more sophisticated . The stereotype that the process of getting a tattoo is a Zen-like pleasurable pain has become the norm of western society . This contrasts the stereotypical ideal that tattoos are marks of experience , similar to the way Roman soldiers would get them in far off lands as medals of worlds conquered Tattoos in our society today hold a more spiritual connotation . Another factor that makes tattoo culture so popular is its cult-like favor Tattoos create a sense of belonging to a larger community . In a world that places such importance on race and religion , tattoos provide an escape into an alternative community and actually diversify cultural diversity

The Chain Necklace

Jewelry is innately a commodity in western culture , but it is the chain that has become synonymous with urban , or street culture . Historically chain necklaces have been used as forms of currency they were considered to be forms of protection when worn with an amulet that was thought to ward magic . They were symbolic of membership or status . An example of this still being used today is the religious purpose , when one has a cross or the star of David to show their specific religious beliefs . Another more modern example can be noted in western culture within the hip hop craze , how record labels in the rap community require their employees to wear chains displaying the name of their company . It is a symbol of wealth , but more importantly blacks connect it as far back as Egypt , or the Aztecs when Jewelry was a culturally decorative symbol of power and social stature . Today in western society , if you see anyone wearing a chain they usually reside in more urban parts of their countries . Those who are wealthy are stereotyped , or assumed , to make their money through illegal means . It has also become the accessory of the manly man . The men who wear excessive chains , or rings , are often categorized as being tough . This stereotype is personified in film by such fictional characters as Tony Soprano or many of the protagonists and antagonists in many of the Guy Ritchie films that revolve around London street life and its crime underbelly

The chain necklace has also been a major part of American Hip Hop culture since the early 80 ‘s as a sign of respect . In today ‘s society many jewelers market specifically to the main stream youth by using Hip Hop . This is done when a specific jeweler might have a rap artist mention their name in a song . Popular Rap artist 50 Cent is credited for selling more than 10 million records worldwide . If he mentions a certain jeweler , car , or if he wears a specific chain in a video , it would naive to assume those companies wouldn ‘t benefit financially . And when it comes to money , few people making a lot of it are napve


Sandals , or flip flops are the ultimate example of historical fashion put through postmodern use . The use of the sandal goes back as far as the Greek and Roman era . They are credited as the first shoe ever to grace the human foot . They were originally named campagi , and can be sighted in many mosaics . They weren ‘t given the name sandalia until the eighth century to ninth century . There are rock paintings of more than 15 ,000 years ago during the Paleolithic period of people wearing sandals . The first durable sandal was believed to have been created by the Ancient Egyptians . Those keen to metaphors who like the idea of walking in another ‘s shoes , they are most likely appreciate the fact that by wearing sandals they can walk with the same stride as Caesar and Socrates . As long as we have been wearing sandals , they weren ‘t notably acknowledged as a fashion statement until the 20th century . Today in our society they are synonymous with a free state of mind , relaxation and apathy . Sandals most-likely get this stigma from the fact that they aren ‘t good for running or doing any physically strenuous activities It could also be due to their free toe space . They are most commonly worn on , or near , beaches . It is thought that the New Zealand expression jandals are mostly used at the beach and comes from the expression Japanese sandals . The types of shoes are also recommended to prevent fungal infections and are at time s thought to reverse the signs of athlete ‘s foot . This is most-likely due to the lack of humidity and tendency for sandals to keep feet dry The Mini-Skirt

The mini-skirt is a piece of clothing that appeals to stereotypical ideals of gender . It is a skirt with a hemline that rests far above the knees . It is considered to be the key fashion symbol of swinging London during the 1960 ‘s . The rising hemline leading to the miniskirt was a trend that originated after World War I . The British fashion designer Mary Quant is credited for the sudden use of the miniskirt during the 1960 ‘s in London . Today it has become a common sight seen scattered throughout western culture and it has grown to be a sociological sign that a woman might be promiscuous . It is a symbol of sex in society and has been used as such in many popular films . In Basic Instinct Sharon Stone has a scene where she is being questioned for her supposed involvement in a murder . While wearing an extremely short mini-skirt she uncrosses her legs revealing that she is not wearing any panties and she distracts the officers from their investigation . In the BBC TV series , Keeping Up Appearances , which aired in the early 90 ‘s , the pretentious Hyacinth Bucket was often appalled at the short length of her sister Rose ‘s skirts . The mini-skirt has become one of the more key methods for a woman to trigger a man ‘s attention , as well as for a woman to degrade herself according to certain prude sociological standards

The Hookah

The Hookah is an object that shows western culture drawing on the aesthetics of another culture . The hookah is a water pipe with a glass base that is used for smoking . Its traditional use , and its design originally stem from India . It is most commonly used to smoke herbal fruits , tobacco and cannabis . Its original use was for the smoking of hashish . After tobacco was imported from America in the 1600 ‘s the popular use of the hookah began to grow . Opium was often added to tobacco and smoked in hookahs from the 1800 ‘s to present day . The use of Opium with tobacco was known as madak and it ‘s often considered to be more addictive than taking opium orally . The hookah we know today , and its popular use are more commonly the product of Turkey . The Hookah today , is an object of multinational use . In Britain , hookahs are more commonly seen in Egyptian and Lebanese run hubbly-bubbly bars , near college campuses specifically on Rusholme ‘s Curry mile in Manchester or in Oxford . There is also a somewhat even mixture of British and Middle-Eastern student customers . Due to the large Turkish population in Berlin , hookah bars have become a popular rapidly growing craze

The medical journal Pediatrics published a review in which they found that water pipes have an equal amount of cancer causing addictive substances as can be found in cigarettes . It was also determined that hookah use can increase the amount of toxic exposure . Thomas Eissenberg is a professor of psychology at HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Virginia_Commonwealth_University ” \o “Virginia Commonwealth University ” Virginia Commonwealth University and he co-authored a hookah study , which found that a session of hookah smoking , which lasts about 45 minutes , delivers 36 times more tar , 15 times more carbon monoxide and 70 more nicotine than a single cigarette . Generally , a cigarette will last no more than 5 minutes which makes about 9 cigarettes in to compare to the 45 minutes hookah session (Wikipedia

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