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Cultural Conflicts at Wal-Mart

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Cultural Conflict at Wal-Mart

25 Jan . 2007

Wal-Mart became an international company in 1991 when a SAM ‘S Club opened near Mexico City . Just two years later , Wal-Mart International was created to oversee the growing opportunities for the company worldwide . Since then , the International segment has enjoyed rapid growth and consumer acceptance . Today , customers at more than 1 ,500 units in nine countries prove Wal-Mart ‘s Every Day Low Price promise is a message clearly understood in any language . Wal-Mart International employs more [banner_entry_middle]

than 330 ,000 associates in Argentina , Brazil , Canada Japan , China , Germany , Korea , Mexico , Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom . Wal-Mart also owns a 37 .8 interest in Seiyu , Ltd , a leading Japanese retailer . However , much can also be said about the turmoil the company has faced due to cultural conflicts over the idea of diversification . In Japan for example , where society ‘s culture still prefers convenience over knock down prizes , Wal-Mart staggered a bit in capturing the market segment . Other issues relative to cultural conflict are characteristic of labor problems , low wages and unfair business dealings with suppliers . This conflict can be attributed over the fact that each country possesses different culture that is sure to clash if preferences and consideration is not properly accorded . When conducting business in other countries , a projects level of success depends on the level of preparation and understanding of the cultural differences Global businesses must ensure that Project Managers understands cultural differences among team members and uses best practices in overcoming the challenges experienced by the global teams . For example , North American and French culture prefer punctuality and timeliness on project goals and company ‘s resources . On the contrary , South American , Saudi Arabian , and Asian cultures honor a slow pace of life and might not consider tardiness a risk to the project . In a Latin American country , building a personal relationship precedes a business relationship therefore inquiring about the family is a positive strategy to any business meeting . In China , who you know is more important than what you know (Gray Larson , 2005 ,

. 504 ) reinforces the concept of Guanxi in business relationship building and business connections Understanding culture can avoid misunderstandings in project consensus building Balancing the two cultures is challenging and necessary for project success (Gray Larson

Businesses today are reaching around the world to expand the markets from which to sell their products . Consequently , upon establishment of their company in other countries , people who are racially , culturally and linguistically different comprise project teams and work together toward a common goal . Language is not the problem . Overcoming cultural differences and gaining trust among team members are major hurdles to overcome (Gray Larson , 2005 ,

. 521 . Gray and Larson (2005 ) also identify several other factors that affect the implementation of a global project including laws and regulations , political control or stability , level of crime and terrorism , climate and terrain , economic health , and infrastructure

Global project management requires cultural sensitivity , commitment to building relationships , respectful… [banner_entry_footer]


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