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What is Cryptography


What is it and why is it used

Technology has developed throughout the years , which has been shown by changes in different aspects of how people live their daily lives . One example could be the means of transportation which started from horses during early times to carriages , invention of automobiles , aircrafts submarines and many more which we use at present . Through centuries sending of messages has also evolved from messenger mail to electronic mail via the World Wide Web . Along with these are rising security threats [banner_entry_middle]

to senders and receivers of those messages who fear that their mail would be opened by someone else . It is and has been the same problem ever since . How can these security threats and privacy invasions be avoided then

The main of this research is the importance of a science that helps everyone . It could be in terms of technology to the benefit of computer enthusiasts and industrialists , or simply for protection of the privacy of each citizen

The following pages would give the readers a brief introduction of the subject at hand , Cryptography . Along with its definition , history , forms and uses , readers would also be able to learn how important this science is and why each person should use it in their daily communication

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary , Cryptography is the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher , the computerized encoding and decoding of information . It is also known as secret writing . Derived from the Greek words kryptus , which means hidden and the grbfo , meaning write , is the transformation of data into a secure message , so that unintended recepients would not be able to understand or use them (Wikibooks , Inc , 2007 . Cryptography is used to hide information by means of encryption , therefore making data unreadable to those who don ‘t have the secret key that can decipher or decrypt the message into an understandable one . Encryption is done when information is transformed into something which others might see as useless . This is called ciphertext . The act of transforming the said information into an understandable format with the use of a cipher or secret key is called decryption (Wikibooks , 2007

The use of cryptography is seen today through its many uses . These include the security of ATM cards , electronic commerce and computer passwords . These are used for access control and confidentiality of secure information (Cryptography , 2007 ) Such techniques like microdots and combining words with images are used by cryptographers to hide information from unintended recepients (Pawliw , 2006

The earliest known use of cryptography is Classical Cryptography . It shows that it has been thousands of years since cryptography was first done . History has stated that the first proof of the use of cryptography dates back to 2000 BC . It has been related with the Egyptians ‘ practice of hieroglyphics which consisted of complicated pictograms seen carved into monuments of Ancient Egypt . These pictograms were hard to interpret and only a chosen few knew what their real… [banner_entry_footer]


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