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Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

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: Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

p : language Cultural Competence

What are some of the common mistakes that people make when attempting to be culturally competent health care providers ? In your opinion , what are the characteristics of a culturally competent individual

Cultural competence of the healthcare system is the ability of the organization to offer healthcare services to the patients who belong to various cultures , linguistic groups and communities . Such an organization has diverse beliefs , attitudes , values and behavior Cultural competence serves as both , a business strategy (to increase the patient flow [banner_entry_middle]

) and a quality control measure (to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services in patients belonging to diverse backgrounds

Healthcare professionals are making a lot of mistakes when interacting with minority communities whilst providing healthcare services . They need to possess , two different skills , namely technical skills and social or cultural skills . If a physician ‘s or nurse ‘s social skills is not in line with the technical skill , the treatment is going to be ineffective . Hence , there is high risk of dissatisfaction and failure with minorities , as the healthcare provides are alien to their language cultural assumptions and awareness levels . Most of the mistakes arise during the communication and interaction processes held in relation to diagnosis , treatment and monitoring of the therapy . If the same set of cultural assumptions is followed by the professionals and the patient treatment will definitely be effective . But if it differs , treatment would certainly fail . The quality of care is seriously affected due to language barriers . Patient ‘s are not motivated or do not understand what the healthcare worker speaks . This leads to higher patient dissatisfaction levels and poor quality of care

It is very important that interpreter be utilized who can help the physician understand the problems of the patient and also educate and motivates the patient for treatment . Studies have shown that services with interpreters are able to achieve the same success in patient satisfaction levels as the local population . The physicians should not use the patient ‘s family members or non-professional interpreters (such as other healthcare workers ) as the patients are not that satisfied and the treatment may not be so effective . Efforts should be on to utilize professional interpreters

Often , physicians utilize written material and pictures to educate and motivate the patients . However , the physicians should be aware of the literacy levels of these individuals . Frequently , individuals belonging to minority communities are unable to make decisions regarding healthcare , especially if their literacy level is low . Besides , they are not in a position to understand instructions given , insurance forms etc

A culturally competent professional will recruit minority staffs that are in a better position to understand and solve their problems . They should increase their knowledge of cultural awareness and skills Often , the healthcare professionals should try and interact with the persons who provide traditional treatment . Techniques that are culture specific should be utilized during health promotion and alteration of the health behaviors . Clinics should be set up in areas more… [banner_entry_footer]


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