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Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

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: Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

p : language In what ways is the American health care system suited to the needs of your target cultural group ? In what ways is it not ? In formulating your response , be sure to identify and discuss specific cultural beliefs (e .g , fear can cause illness ) and practices (e .g , female circumcision that influence health care utilization by members of your target cultural group

Since the immigration trends in the 20th century , a large number of Asian populations have settled in the US . The Asian population will expand by [banner_entry_middle]

about 25 in the next ten years (Briggance , B . B . et al 2002 . Initially , the American healthcare system did not support the healthcare needs of such a population . However , slowly the healthcare policy began to change , and now the system suits the needs of diverse ethnic and linguistic communities to some extent compared to a few years back . The healthcare system is beginning to train and employ professionals that could serve a more diverse community . Physicians and other healthcare professionals are beginning to adopt attitudes and behaviors that would suit the minorities . This can have a positive impact on the mental , cultural , and social aspects of the health of the individual belonging to the minority community . Cultural awareness is provided through education , training and regulation of the healthcare professionals . The healthcare authorities are also making an effort to employ individuals of the same cultural background to provide care for the community . They are in a better position to understand and manage their problems . Besides , women belonging to the minority community can address their problems , as a sufficient number of female healthcare workers are available in the US healthcare system (Briggance , B . B . et al , 2002

Healthcare is the US is usually sponsored through health insurances (namely Medicare and Mediclaim . However , the extent to which these communities subscribe to an insurance package is disturbingly low . More frequently , the ethnic group is unable to pay for medical care . There are other constraints in accessing healthcare such as presence of a low number of healthcare units , difficulty in traveling to the healthcare unit , etc . Studies have shown that the Asian-American community had less frequently visited the physician compared to the local population Often due to beliefs , the minority communities sought healthcare only after the health problems they had experienced became severe and affected with normal functioning . Hence , due to the delay in seeking medical care , the outcome of the dis remained poorer that could have if treated immediately . Studies have demonstrated that mental diss especially tend to be misdiagnosed . Schizophrenia , for example , tends to be over-diagnosed , whereas mood diss , tends to be under-diagnosed in the minorities . This may be due to the language constraints , inconsistent symptoms and improper history reported . Some individuals have even suggested that an element of racism can play a role . Often the American healthcare system does not concentrate on providing emergency care or preventive facilities for these communities (Bekcer , A . E . et al , 2005

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