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Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

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: Cross-Cultural Health Perspective

p : language Culture and Disability

National Council on Disability (2002 . Understanding the role of an international convention on the human rights of people with disabilities . Washington , DC : NCD

Due largely to activism of people with disabilities themselves , society has increasingly realized that disability is not an unusual or tragic situation that happens to a pitiable few . Scholarship in the field of disability studies has further supported the paradigm shift away from the medical model of disability wherein disabled people are sick and in need of a [banner_entry_middle]

cure . Disability , under the new model , is seen as a social construction according to which society requires adaptation , not the person with a disability . The push for a cultural shift in thinking about disability , promoted by American consumer-based disability organizations as well as international disability organizations , has led to the documentation of interesting examples of societal inclusion or adaptation in response to disability . For example , in Nora Groce ‘s study , Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language ‘ the hearing community in Martha ‘s Vineyard , Massachusetts , learned sign language to communicate with deaf members , thereby creating adaptation to and accommodation of what many perceive as deaf culture


is it appropriate to conceptualize disability as a cultural phenomenon (e .g , viewing deaf persons as a cultural group ? Why or why not

Culture can be viewed from two ways , from within (by experiencing it and from outside (by imaging how it could be . Many nations have adopted antidiscrimination laws in to prevent discrimination of disabled individuals . Disabled individuals are frequently being excluded by the society , and more often their agenda is controlled by individuals without disabilities . Usually , it is the cultural construction and perception of disability that has led to these individuals suffering in the past

Previously , disability was considered to be caused some supernatural forces . With time , science seems to be developing , and disabled individuals are being slowly included in the society . These individuals have also felt that by utilizing science , they could develop their own communities and take control of their environments

With time , man has also begun to understand the importance of having a civilized society . The experiences of the Nazi atrocities may have given greater importance to these communities in present nations . In the Nazi Germany , disabled individuals were sterilized or even killed in to improve the gene pool . Nations are beginning to adopt antiracism and multicultural approaches and hence , considering these communities as a distinct culture would certainly be a move to prevent discrimination

As individuals with disabilities may have suffered with common problems in the past , they could very well be given a group identity . They are also very useful to the society and competent , by generating the best art , music , paintings and literature . Several models such as Beethoven and Stevie Wonder were disabled , and hence the disabled community should be very d with their history . Languages and symbols are developing over time , and definitely people utilizing sign language could be considered as a… [banner_entry_footer]


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